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  1. How are these people? They prefer “gholami of fuedal in Sind three thousand km from home town but don’t respect local fuedal. It’s a Gholami of fuedal whether you do in Chitral ,Sind or Punjab. Father was chief, daughter, another cruel fuedal son in law and now in third generation Bhutto’s grand son. How these people are fool. I will pray for poor mentality and more for go down. I mean Chitral is, Southern Punjabis, Baluch, Hazara and some parts of Sind will never change.

  2. Dear Karimlulla Sb,
    To some extend I am disagree with you….
    When Benazir Govt. was dissolved in 1990 People like these mind said PPP is died and finished due to Benazir Bhutto and Benazir is responsible in destruction of Bhutto Party. After dissolving her govt. PPP even Not Competed throughout the Country including Sindh as Well. But passage of time She again Won and ruled over country and just 3 years letter She became Prime Minister again with heavy mandates. 2nd Time 1996 again she had been dissolved and rest of the leadership of PPP had been put into Prison. BB had been exiled and people said PPP is totally finished. But When BB came back and situation settled and also nothing found from the prisoners of PPP. People understood that this the only party which is never been destroyed and finished.
    As some People are thinking that PPP is led by Asif Ali Zardari and Billawel Bhutto Zardari is ending. I would like to say that PPP has become more strong and powerful Party under the leadership of Zardari and Billawel. PPP is in Senat and Sindh Province and is in Opposition as well.
    PPP has its 2 seats and collision partner in District Govt in Chitral. Although there was a factor of Musharaf that is Why We unable to win the NA Seat and we lead those areas where PPP lovers are living. In Chitral under the supervision of Salim Khan PPP has in its real shape. Workers and Jiyalas of Bhttoism are happy and trusting on our central leadership decisions yet.
    Local body elections faces remain always different and it never been equal to the sitting government or of sitting representations. Suppose when in KPK province there was Govt of MMA and the local district govt was of PML-N and when there was other party Govt then district govt was of JI-PPP.
    Now a days people voting and shouting on Social Media specially Face Book, these sources are different and ground realities are different. PPP believes on ground realities not on social media and other sources
    So gesture through ground realities instead of trust on social medias. I believe and confident that PPP has become more powerful and strong party in Chitral

  3. Salim Khan is following Asif Zardari because PPP is now lut Mar party. Lutoo, dakka daloo,mal banow.that what Salim Khan is following and doing.jiyalee are for vote. PPP jiyalees are poor have no right.

  4. Fully agree Karimullah Sb. But you will make him understand. He is living in the world of imaginations. Even in lower Chitral, his companion are strange people having no credibility. Anyhow time will teach him a lesson. This is his last leadership.

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