21 Replies to “JI leader demands Chitral DPO's transfer within a week”

  1. These all so called religious + political parties have hijacked the whole nation and whole country with the help of their terrorist organizations.They use our Holy religion for their own interests. Government specially Army and establishment is doing their best to help the needy people and try to implement the rule of law. DPO has done a good job. All political parties should not force the government to release the prisoners to get votes. Shame to all political parties for misusing their powers and influence.

  2. EX MNA comments against a competent DPO is not true because he knows his job what to do and how to do , it is just allegation against him and it should be stopped. we are fully supporting to DPO being impartial This shows that DPO is competent, efficient and honest officer.
    Those who break law (religious law, country’s law) must be punished by the state authorities, so the DPO is right.

  3. By their conducts these respected leaders are proving that selecting them for the government is the same as appointing a cat for the safeguard of milk and the rest is a story………

  4. Mowlana Khaliquz Zaman, Commandant Chitral Scout, DPO Chitral, DC Chitral and their team are no doubt highly appreciated for their excellent job and are to be saluted for timely action taken against miscreants who wanted to defame Chitral locally, regionally, nationally & internationally taking law in their hands . These were latter on found mostly non locals leading the procession. These officials maintained the good name of Chitral and the people of Chitral (peaceful Chitral and peaceful people of Chitral). Peaceful people of Chitral hate such incidence and hate those who create such problem for the people of Chitral and for administration. Political and religious leaders should also stand by the sides of District Administration and that of local government.

  5. We solute DPO Chitral for his dedication, commitment and in maintaining law and order.Sir,continue your job with more dedication we are with you and ensure that all is taking place according to law.No body is above law and those who have taken law in their hands must be punished according to law. we appreciate your efforts very much.

  6. Long Live DPO Chitral, shame on these people who started a campaign against him after knowing that he belongs to another sect.

    1. shame on you so called Religious leaders;you will never let Chitral to remain a peaceful district.you will make it the hub of terrorism and extremism if you are let free.you were the culprits who had demanded the transfer of Sohail Ahmad Warraich(may his soul rest in peace) the late DC of Chitral several times.you have only one skill that is exploiting the mob on the name of religion.Come out of this dogma.

  7. we just want to say that Mr Abdul Akber Chitrali is totally wrong doing in the name of religion. His demand to release those people is totally unjustifiable and not familiar with the law of the land.It means according to Akber any one can kill or burn or destroy any body in the name of Allah or Prophets so what is the law mean?what courts will do and the people affiliated with these Institutions. Maulana Sahib Kudara Dan-Islam ko Samaj ney key our Logoon ko be Deen key Asal Rooh Samjay like Mohtarm Khaliquuzaman. Salute you Mohtarm Khaliquuzaman.

  8. No one is above law, a high level enquiry need to be conducted to investigate the case, however the charges like 7ATA is totally against the rule and procedures, DPO must be accountable to public as well.

  9. Chitral will prosper and be a heaven the day the people of chitral understand that these parties run in the name of religion are cancerous to the society and not only boycott but throw JUI and JI out of Chitral Politics. They have misused the beautiful religion of Muhammad PBUH for their petty matters and time and again they exploit the religious sentiments of the people dor their personal benefit. One thing the people need to understand is that these parties have no link to our beautiful religion and none of their leader is an Alime Dein. I mean can anyone tell me one religious research or book by Sirajul Haq, Fazlurehman, Maghfirat Shah, Abdul Akbar?? They are ordinary people with 0 knowledge of our immaculately beautiful Islam but they pose as Alims just to exploit your love for Islam and prophet PBUH. Reject them and you will prosper ..I guarantee that

    1. You have uttered bakwas against the two relgio political parties who have a considerable following in the district as evident from the electoral results of both national and local elections.
      I also request the Chitraltoday editor to expunge such comments in future.

  10. Blasphemy Law is against the Sunnat of the Last Prophet. This is the conspiracy of Hindus and Jews who have bought the so called Muslim ulama and they have a influence in the community. The last Prophet’s sunnat is forgiveness, educate the people, love, respect, tolerance and honesty. The majority of people of Makkah cursed him, humiliated him or blasphemed him, or even tried to kill him, yet he preferred to forgive them and to seek the divine mercy for them. If anyone is true Muslim, has to follow his sunnat. There are so many examples. Instead of punishing if the government pass the law with the help of Great and intellectual ullama to reward for those who exactly follow the Sunnat E Mohammad PBUH. But who will listen,government listens to those so religious political parties who wrongly and negatively mobilize the people for their own interest and win the election. People will never listen Khatib shahi Masjid but unfortunately will listen to these so called Molvies.. Allah Rabul Ezat Hamee aqeel atta kare. amin.

  11. Why Jamat Islami wala talk against PTI while being part of the coalition govt, they have got ministers who take credit for the work done by PTI in Peshawar. The DPO has made right decision to take people behind bars, these people have challenged the writ of the state and should be dealt with iron hands. We disapprove this politics in the name of religion in Chitral. These Mullahs should be worried of the wrath of God.

  12. Why these jamatis are always criticising and demanding the transfer of Honest and Competent Officers, be it Shaheed Osama Waraich or SSP Ali Kbar Shah??

  13. ‏جس کو بھی چاہے بنا دیتا ہے مُلّا کافر
    سچ ہے کافر کو نظر آتی ہے دنیا کافر

  14. So Jamat e Islami was behind all that conspiracy. Near the election,JI will try to mobilize the the people through negative approach. They were behind ex deputy commissioner Shaheed and now they are after competent police officer. Government should investigate properly.

  15. This shows that DPO is competent, efficient and honest officer. JI usually demands transfer of officers who work well, we have the example of an overwhelmingly popular DC, who was much respected by the people of Chitral and JI made efforts to get him transferred.
    Those who break law (religious law, country’s law) must be punished by the state authorities, so the DPO is right.
    People of Chitral could not understand why JI is supporting those (allegedly) involved in not only attacking on the police station but also burning the vehicle of a respected religious scholar?

    1. Sayed Akbr son of Ex iG Punjab ; the most talented and honest officer. it was the duty of DPO to harmonise the situation ,as he did it. now d.p.o has nothing to do with it, it is the supreme law to decide who is innocent and who is responsible in escalating the situation.

  16. Blasphemy is a crime and punishable by law (not by a mob). Similarly rioting is a crime punishable by law and not condonable by Molana Abdul Akbar.

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