Clerics discuss peace at conference organized by Chitral Scouts

The conference was held at the Chitral Scouts headquarters and attended by a large number of religious leaders from different schools of thought, says a press release issued by the Chitral Scouts. Speaking on the occasion, Col Nizam appreciated the role of clerics after the blasphemy incident during the Friday prayers at Shahi Masjid. He stressed the need that the ulema should play their due role in maintaining peace and sectarian harmony in Chitral in future as well. Col Nizam also sought recommendations of the clerics to ensure that law and order was not disturbed in the area in future. The clerics on the occasion vowed to work for the maintenance and portion of peace in Chitral.]]>

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  1. The Commandant’s effort to maintain peace in the region is highly appreciable. His meeting with the religious leaders would Inshah Allah be a leap towards building and sustaining peace in Chitral. It would have been even better if selected civil society leaders, political party representatives, and intellectuals were also invited to the meeting. There is a need for all stakeholders and leaders to develop shared understanding, consensus and common approach to sustaining peace in the region.

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