Black cumin (zeera) can become Chitral's cash crop

The training programme was arranged by the World Wide Fund for Pakistan Chitral in collaboration with the Directorate of Non-Timber Products, KP Forest Department Chitral. Saidul Islam of WWF Pakistan Chitral, while talking to the participants of the session said that black cumin naturally exists in the Phargram watershed area which had the potential of becoming a cash NTFP crop for the locals living around the area but unfortunately due to mismanagement and giving less attention by the locals the regeneration of black cumin is mostly lost during livestock grazing and the people lost the potential resource which may one of the alternative way of livelihood support. He said that the wild black cumin will shortly be developed into a full-fledged source of employment and will provide a potential source of deriving their livelihood thereby reduce the rate of unemployment in the area. Mr. Ajaz Ahmad from Directorate of Non Timber Forest Products KP Forest Department said that the continuous increase in human population and free grazing in the area were resulting in the loss of black cumin. Besides, he said that the escalating demand for the species had also led to over-harvest of the plants. The local communities were trained in sustainable harvesting of black cumin collection, its propagation and marketing.]]>

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  1. The training program for sustainable harvesting of black cumin by the WWF-Pakistan and the forest department is a step in right direction and must be appreciated. I would like to add that there are some other villages such as Charun Oveer and many other villages in upper Chitral which are known for lack cumin harvesting, need such training for better harvest. I must request the WWF-Pakistan and Forest Department to extend their training facility to the farmers of Charun Oveer for better cumin harvesting.

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