Traditional medicinal products of Chitral

Muhammad Ismail

CHITRAL: There were a number of traditional medical treatment people of Chitral used against different diseases and ailments in the past. Even in the modern age of science and technology, many people still rely on the old method of treating minor ailment.

Though not complete, the following were the medicinal products used in Chitral. Cardiac and diabetic was not known in Chitral a decade ago, so no treatment in the list 1. Salajeet (used for body pain, wound healing, injuries, tonic) 2. Nishandur (Improve digestive system) 3. Alaizangi (Throat pain, allergies skin disease) 4. Shurughan (used for seriously injured person) 5. Koknar o blok (cough and Cold in winter) 6. Afyoun (Pain, body ache ) 7. Kharkhalichogh (fever) 8. Shut Kali (Cold and fever) 9. Kaveerogh (general sickness, as antibiotic) 10. Chowainjo mul (Improve digestive system) 11. Chowainjo Ogh (Tonic, blood purifier) 12. Hojojogh (Improve digestive system) 13. Mrachogh (Pure mulberry water not fermented used for improving appetite) 14. Sheerni (Improve appetite) 15. Ketimiogh (Improve kidney function, jaundice and tonic) 16. Guniyough (Improved digestive system and Bronchitis) 17.

Benogh (Improve Digestive system) 18. Mehdang (Women use during periods/ pregnancy) 19. Kahastio mul (Anti biotic) 20. Saspruogh (Anti biotic) 21. Kunjeeto tail (General health improvement, body massage and pain killer) 22. Shenteheki ( Back pain) 23. Muhuch (Used in tea for……………..) 24. Kachur (Used in tea for……………..) 25. Pillpil (Used in tea for……………..) 26. Alilah (Used in tea for……………..) 27. Janjabil (Used in tea for……………..) 28. Jawuz (Used in tea for……………..) 29. Verzhnu…………………… 30. Tahshto o tail (used for cold and flu during winter) 31. Qalahoor ( Tooth pain ) 32. Machhi (Honey used for most of disease) 33. Gugayhat ( Injuries, wound, Rashes and Skin disease ) 34. Mirghinzo low(Keergheto) ( Hand and Face cream in winter) 35. Drocho gura (For allergies) 36. Puro (Surung Puro, Pillmilk Puro) Face cream for beautification 37. Pom ……………….. 38. Bob Chai (throat pain and tonic) 39. Budiyoung (Sour Throat) 40. Danu…………….. 41.

Ishpar (Women eat during pregnancy for vitamin-C) 42. Ishkun (Women eat during pregnancy for vitamin-C) 43. Brangalu/Quci (To reduce weakness) 44. Zhol Mati (For wound and injuries healing) 45. Bisheendo Pohost (Used for knee pain) 46. Parpee o mul……………….. 47. Surma/ Nuru (For eyes) 48. Dalmak (For injuries and body pain) 49. Shunjmuk (Fever) 50. Chontruk (To cure skin disease) 51. Sheralaow (Improve appetite) 52. Ohso zagh (Improve hair quality ) 53. Phusuk (Improve hair quality ) 54. Patupar………….. 55. Saruzo low (Deworming child and adult…..) 56. Sumani………. 57. Naswar/ soil/ malmal puliro zap (To stop bleeding) Physical Treatment 58. Dipiak (Pain in body) 59. Srung Chakiak ( Cleaning the blood) 60. Lia ganik (Cleaning of Blood) 61. Khail korik (Heat trophy for different disease) 62. Mehlichaik (Back pain treatment) 63. Naf o mazeek (Stomach Problem) 64. Seekhach Cheenik (Stomach Problem) 65. Khashoong ganik (Headache) 66. Ishkanj (Headache) 67. Uso-utik (hot water trophy for skin disease joint pain and general body pain or arties/ vain blockade) Spiritual Treatment 68. Dua (For all type of illness) 69. Tayeet (For all type of illness) 70. Khushako (For all type of illness) 71. Lashtaw (For all type of illness) 72. Shutra (For all type of illness) 73.

Ispandur Khushik (For all type of illness, especially for children) 74. Shakul (To keep Children out from evil eye and even for animal mostly for horse) 75. Pari naizeek (Mental or Psychological illness) 76. Ghachawario Shawai (To keep Children out from evil eye) 77. Royo Surut (To keep out of evil eye) 78. Khaki Shifa (For all type of illness) 79. Abhi Zam zam (For all type of illness) 80. Abhi Shifa (For all type of illness) 81. Lakhi Khatum (For all type of illness) 82. Rahchi Khodai (For all type of illness).

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