Traders protest against fire brigade as market destroyed in fire

The fire damaged nine rooms on the ground floor of the building. The rooms consisted of Kashmir Bakery. The cause of fire fire could not be ascertained. The possibility of short circuiting is ruled out as there was no electricity in the area when the fire erupted. Some rooms on the second floor of the building were also damaged. The local police were said to have started an investigation into the incident. PROTEST HELD: Traders of the Booni bazaar protested the apathy of the local administration and the fire brigade officials for their failure to put out the flames in the Shah Wazir market. Talking to ChitralToday, Rehmat Salam Lal of Booni said after the market caught fire at about 9am, a vehicle of the fire brigade reached the spot but it had no water and the staff took it away for  filling its tank with water. In the meantime, he added, another vehicle arrived but when it tried to pump water into the flames the pipe of the engine got disconnected due to loose nosels. He alleged due to the negligence of the administration the vehicles of the fire brigade were not in a working condition. He said in none of the fire incidents frequently occurred in Booni the fire brigade had ever been able to put out flames and save the property. He said a vehicle was damaged when a fire erupted in a garage in Booni while the house of prominent politician Faizur Rehman was destroyed besides scores of other incidents but the fire brigade remained a silent spectator. He said the protesters demanded an FIR against the local administration and the fire brigade staff. He warned that if the situation remained the same and the fire brigade failed to meet any emergency in future, the people of Booni would put its offices on fire.]]>

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  1. This is a criminal act and a serious blunder on the part of the fire brigade. For what purpose the the fire brigade system has been there? Are they for watering the playgrounds? The personnel responsible must be acted against and suspended. Fire fighting staff have to be prepared all the time for any untoward situation. They need to realize that the government pays their salaries out of the pockets of the masses of this country pays through direct and indirect taxation and as such they are duly socalled as public servants, but unfortunately we have upheld them as masters!

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