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If three districts can be created in Kohistan why not two in Chitral?

Shahzada Iftikharuddin[/caption] “Chitral is the largest district of the province in terms of area. If three districts can be created in Kohistan, why not two in Chitral,” the MNA said. The geo-strategic importance had necessitated the creation of new district in Chitral, he said, adding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor had increased the strategic importance of the district. The MNA said creation of a new district in Chitral had remained a longstanding demand of the people. “I hope the chief minister will pay heed to this genuine demand of the people before they take to the streets,” he went on to add. The federal legislator said Chitral had hydro power potential, tourism and after getting importance as the CPEC route it would become a major revenue generating part of the province. He said that he was not against creation of new district in any other district. “But the decision should be even-handed. The sense of deprivation among the people will increase if no action is taken forthwith,” he maintained. The MNA also asked the chief minister to release the funds for the Booni-Buzund Road. “The federal government has already sanctioned funds. The bridge in various areas in Morkhow and Torkhow could not be built if the funds are not released forthwith,” he said, urging the chief minister to order the release of funds before the start of glacier-melting season.–The News]]>

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  1. Imtiaz says

    you lost you statehood for nothing, handed over the status of a self respecting state having a district tribal people to the Pakistani rulers in a platter. now their identity and culture is being eroded and you are asking for a new district. lo and behold, your this tiny demand is set to be trampled again. so mourn your destiny, dear chitralis.

  2. Ahmad says

    Answer to the title question is :- because our people are naive and our leaders are spineless.

  3. Inayatullah faizi says

    Well done MNA Iftikharuddin sahib! This is ripe time to raise our voice. As for as Kohistan is concerned, they get their right through guns and bullets. We are coward people. ANP Govt was not serious about restoring Mastuj district. They created Torghar district within a week time because they were Pashtoons. Our demand was denied because we were not Pashtoons.

  4. mohd arif says

    good attempt as writing and MNA demand is concerns but creation of another district from this mere claim or political statement is impossible . It is a fact that ANP lead government was serious to creat another district in chitral but unfortunately time and space don’t allowed. Actually chitralis have no leader to get such thing from government the MPAS,MNA,DN and eetcs are engaged in the appointments and transfer of naib qasid or PTC teacher . To day if chitrali political leadership are reaĺly sincer to creat another district in chitral be unit and start a campaign or like kohistani MPA join PTI to get district for the backward and povertystricken people of Chitral otherwise these statement are useless….

  5. Sajid says

    Better late than never.Well said,best of Luck.

  6. Shams Ali says

    Dear Editor,
    Now it depends on our representatives how much they struggle to restore the former position of district Mastuj as great educationist Sher Wali Khan Aseer said.

  7. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Better late than never. After a long silence our MPA, at last, revived the voice of Subdivision Mastuj, demanding creation of a new district. Had he taken the matter seriously, some two three years earlier, we would have succeeded to restore the former position of our Upper, Chitral. In fact, it is not a new creation of district,it is a claim of restoration of the original status of Mastuj- called Mastuj District before the merger of erstwhile State of Chitral in to former NWFP, now Khyber Pokhtun Khwa, Province. It had been told that paper work was nearly completed during the ANP Rule in KPK. It is high time that PTI Government materialized the restoration/creation of District Mastuj in the best interest of the public.

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