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Another CPEC route through Chitral

Different routes are under consideration, some are operational and some are yet to be known as either that are feasible. Here are some suggestions for the government to include another economically important route in the CPEC for the broader interest of Chitral and Pakistan. This is Drosh-Shishi-Madaklasht and Shandur route. The government has approved a survey of Mastuj-Khunjerb route, and MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin is also requested to put forward the request of Drosh-Shishi-Madaklasht and Shandur route to the prime minister to be surveyed by NHA. The above mentioned route (Drosh-Shish-Madaklast) if made will have lot of implications for the development and economy of Pakistan. By linking this with Boroghal Mestuj Khunjerb route, it will be economical for Chinese goods to reach Drosh and Chitral easily and then onward through Lowari Tunnel to the rest of Pakistan. The distance is mere 80 km from Drosh to Shandur along this proposed route, while it is 187 km through Chitral Mastuj road. So this route decreases the length of the road construction that could possibly ease tourists to reach Shandur easily. The area through which the route is to be made is least developed, less explored and is backward because of poor infrastructure. This area has the potential to increase economy of Pakistan up to a certain level. Geological surveys have identified massive deposits of magnetite, copper, limestone, marble and it can also be a hub of gemstone which will surely be used throughout Pakistan and can be exported too. This area is mostly mountainous, and there are lots of wildlife species such as deer, markhoor and some predators are said to be present. ACPEC route through this area will certainly ensure the preservation of wildlife and has potential to attract national and international hunters that will certainly increase the economy of Pakistan. Shishikoh valley is known for its deep forest, timber and cattle and CPEC route through this area will ease the export of wood, timber and meet to the rest of the world thus increasing the value of Pakistan up to certain extent. Being cut off from rest of Chitral, standard of living of people of this area are poor. The CPEC route through this area will create jobs, develop infrastructure increase imports and exports and true spirit of CPEC, as fortune changer and game changer can be seen in reality. The above mentioned hints compel people along the belt of Shishikoh to raise their voices for the inclusion of this route in CPEC on primary basis for the broader interest of Chitral and Pakistan. However, details of the plan are opaque, there is too much secrecy and too little transparency, but, government must prioritize the best route first in order to reduce the sense of deprivation of its peoples and for broader strategic interest of its people.]]>

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