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Demand for restoration of Reshun powerhouse repeated

BOONI: Demand for the restoration of the Reshun powerhouse is being repeated time and again but the government seems not moved by the issue being faced by the residents of Upper Chitral.

The powerhouse provided electricity to different areas and was washed away by floods in 2015. Since then, the provincial government has failed to work on its restoration.

Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam leader Shuja Uddin and others said if work on the restoration of the Reshun powerhouse was not launched with a few weeks, the people of Booni and other areas would launch a protest move.


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  1. Meraj Muhammad says

    I would like to suggest Tehreek Huqooq-e- Awam’s leader Shuja Uddin to also concentrate on issues like this instead of wasting time on posting bureaucrats and discussing issues which are not related to him. people (awam) are facing problems in getting their rights( Huqooq) but these Tehreek e Huqooq leaders are busy in doing their own business and politics. Please do something in the better interest of Awam then we Awam will be with you if there is any problem created by government and bureaucracy.

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