Delay in appointment of SDPO Mastuj criticized

Muhammad Younus Lal[/caption] In a statement, he said that Mr Rehman, a young police officer, had earned repute in the area because of his professional working, especially across he board action against criminals including drug peddlers, in the subdivision. He was removed from the post and directed by the district police officer (DPO) to report to the police lines headquarters Chitral about three weeks ago ostensibly for a weak investigation in a suicide case in the Mulkhow valley. The  suicide incident occurred over four months ago and at that time the heirs of the victim in writing did not allow postmortem on the body. But the SDPO was made a scapegoat over the matter four months later. Mr Younus said the former SDP had successfully investigated a number of cases in the subdivision and also succeeded in keeping a close eye on anti-social elements. He said though posting and transfer of officials was an internal matter of the police department, the inordinate delay in appointing an SDPO in place of Mr Attiq was creating  lots of issues in the area. He said street crime was on the rise in major towns of upper Chitral and very recently, after the transfer of the SDPO, four shops were burgled and looted in the Booni bazaar. The local police have failed to arrest the culprits, creating a sense of insecurity among the residents. Mr Younnus called upon the inspector general of the KP police, the DIG Malakand and the DPO Chitral to immediately fill the vacant post of the SDPO Mastuj with an energetic and honest officer.]]>

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  1. We should not criticize over the decision made by concern authorities and instead we should be vigilant over the responsibilities whether they perform with commitment or not. Possibly SP knows what to do and what not to do.

  2. The removal of the SDPO whether he is young or old should be appreciated. He might have done something interesting like his former boss who has been accused of millions of rupees corruption. We appreciate the DPO Chitral to hold a thorough probe against SDPO Mastuj as mere removal is not enough. Job very well done Ali Akbar Shah, keep it up.

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