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New AC should be appointed on merit

to sources in the local administration, efforts are underway by two political figures of Chitral belonging to the PPP and JI for accommodating their their own men on the post. However, talking to ChitralToday here, Tehreek Huqooq-e- Awam leader Shuja Uddin said the post should be filled on merit. He said only a competent, neutral and experienced official can tackle issues of the area. He said compared to lower Chitra where the deputy commissioner is also available round the clock the post of the AC upper Chitral has significance because of the area’s remoteness and myriads of issues. He said there are a number of experienced officials belonging to both upper and lower Chitral who worked as additional AC and AC in upper and lower Chitral and can be posted again to the area. He said even any official from outside Chitral can be appointed as the AC but the process should be done on merit without any political interference in the best interest if the area. He said the vacant post should be filled without delay. He said the government was yet to fill the vacant post of the SDPO Mastuj who was transferred about three weeks ago. These delays are leaving a very negative impact on governance, creating issues and adding to the hardship of the residents.]]>

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  1. shuja mir says

    I forgot to mention that you might dnt know my background.I have served chitrali community in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Australia for the last 36 years.If you have done any thing for the community plz mention in reply,otherwise dnt try to be smart.

  2. shuja mir says

    Of course you have nothing to do except trying to get the AC of your choice to get some benefit from him.Of course i run my own business in westren country and life is busy.Appointment of AC is the job of concerned deptts not yours.ok.

  3. shuja mir says

    Its very intresting to read all of your’s comments in regards of posting of AC to mastuj.Gentlemans:: there are so many social issues in our area i.e roads, bridges, liwari tunnel issue, education, health, public wash rooms etc.etc. Why all of you are not saying anything in the interest of our better future. Stop doing all these meaningless idealogies and wasting our valuable time in abroad. Dnt b dependant on any one and try to mentain our dignity if you are claiming to be chitrali plz.

    1. Shahzada Nafees says

      Mr. Shuja. Firstly we don’t know how your time abroad is wasted by debate on this forum. Secondly posting of AC is an important matter and we have a right to express our opinion regarding it. He is an important government functionary at the Tehsil level and all the issues of Chitral you have mentioned in your comment,come under his purview in one way or the other. So instead of barring us from debate your can concentrate on your more important issues abroad. It is because of your not being here you are talking like this as if we have nothing to do here and only you are other working abroad are busy.

  4. Shiraz Qamar says

    @Saeed: Ae brar ta luo som ittefaq, hes bo shom ishnari, ho moko…het ta shot doni to PMS ko re, magam to motan ko, zor zabardasti ki areni di no rawen…kia jam ishnari no…bus to mo tan rawe,…chief secretary di tate ki retae tote rawe awa nokom la zhan khor kos chake korawe ra…hahahahaha

  5. dr karim says

    Dear Editor..we are proud of all these pMS officers ,the ACs the Army of CCS officer from Chitral..May God Almighty bless your homeland..I salute all these officer who have come forward and carry a big name for our country..Any AC comes is a custodian of law..the law is superior to all..any AC comes to Buni As ACM is most welcome….through your esteem online site I request all my youth in Chitral to spare at least 10 to 14 hours/day for thier studies and future…do,t waste your time on lEDs LCDs and TFTs….
    love you all

    1. Ali Shahpar says

      Dr. Sab the great, well said…summed it beautifully

  6. Zaheer khan says

    A brar geenen ka ki hai espa kia kharch bo afsus boin pesa commentn lo lee roi pesa safan hush koneen pesa position kiagh r na ka pesa luowa kos angonee na kos ka badl konee pesat adat bte sher har kio muxee luo dk goverment kos ki alai tu cheet (chtraliyan e maqoola sher ka ki ma xuro awai ma jamar r ka ki hai espa AC)Espa safntn ezat korleek chamcha geeree no kora leek

  7. Javed Khan says

    It is against the spirit of good governance that an officer is appointed to his own area and that too at Tehsil Level. CSS has rightly barred a young officer to be posted even in his Province let alone a district or his tehsil for the first five years of service. After that he may choose to serve in his province but not in his division and going to his domiciled district is out of question at any stage. The same should apply to PMS officers as well. Such posting create serious conflict of interest and are detrimental to public interest.

  8. Observer says

    you need to understand that being a pms officer is not an easy job. one need to pass 12 different subject plus the psychological test and panel interviews. in reality there is no difference between a css and pms officer. both go through through the same syllabus, the same rigorous process of scrutiny and the same sort of training in the academy. if any person pass a css or a pms exam he/she becomes suitable to run the administration of any entity be it an org or even a country.
    i am not in favour of only tariq mehmood, i am in favour of all those people who are pms or css officers, because covering the syllabus of these exam is in itself a great task. a person who has the knowledge of the syllibus means he/she is a qualified and competent individual.. before giving any comments just go through the syllabus of pms to get a gist of the competence of the qualifiers.

  9. Idress says

    A brargnian royan ko beizat komian haya chitraltoday a giaw. AC tariq boi d kia boonio baqo no shuja lal o belik a alif bee newesheko tet no boniii. sabaq hase re asur. tu tat faujo brigadier hoi. sa ko pulemian. ispa tariq dmo sbotn kharaj e tehsin peshh kosean k hes ispa schoola n theek arer hamee kam choor ustadanan saza dti kos khelaf a Fir kore kos inquiry kore kos jelo veshe. hamt he ustadanan tolaaa kos ki tariq saza dti asur wa ho no khosheyak ki haya giaw naman khostav royantn kiag d renian. Ho bo lot kiag belik A C bek kia lot lu ho bachn hanii sabaq rardu mosho. sadar ghulam ishaq khan tehsildar bharti bte astai wa pakistan o sadar hoi. hes lagal commissioned officer beryo sabaq rardu beyaye AC beko sa ko breyumian. A brarginian tan kormo sum korum lakhor aaa.

  10. Maha says

    @ Saeed, Shuja, Mustansir. Chitralis please grow up while commenting about any person in media. I do not know Mr. Tariq personally but after reading your comments it seems he must have done good for education department. please grow up. control your emotions. Don’t malign any person or service in media. It’s shocking. You people are not doing any good service to backward Chitral by openly disgracing people. what culture are we following? what outsiders will think about Chitral the people and its mentality. Please grow up. A university student

  11. Administrator says

    Saeed. whosoever you are, I really felt ashamed after reading your filthy wordings about a young and well behaved officer who also belongs to a very respectable family of Chitral. Being his senior, I consider him the best officer commissioned officer from Chitral. I remember, in Nov 2016 the ex DC Chitral Mr Warriach spoke high about him during a meeting of all departments in DC office Chitral, with CS KPK, for his good efforts regarding highlighting millions of rupees corruption in education department. CS KPK also appreciated the young officer and told him to keep up good efforts. You may ask any officer about it who were sitting there (XenC&W, DHO, DPO, ACseven DEO (Male and female of education department). You might have some personal enmity with the officer, but otherwise he is a very reasonable and well behaved officer. going through such wordings really shocked me. postings are routine matters in government. officers whether PMS or CSS, they have their own quotas in every grade and against each administrative post from AC to Commissioner and from Section Officer to Secretary of a department. further, with your wrong wordings about the provincial management service you are discouraging young minds of this province and especially Chitral whose first choice after graduation is to be a css or pms officer. For your information, after 18th amendment PMS officers have a very bright future and there are young officers in pms who qualified for css got selected and refused to join federal departments like income tax, information, railways and OMG group. You will be shocked to know that at present 13 out of 25 DCs of districts are PMS officers. 4 out of 7 divisions have PMS Commissioners. More than 15 provincial secretary’s of major departments are from pms provincial giving all this useful information I am not defending anyone but I am guiding young minds of chitral district not to be disheart and suspicious about filthy and non sense comments of so called SAEED. Tariq is working as DMO for the last more than three years I think and people of Chitral and edcation department guys are the best people to judge him. they or his staff may pass any comment about his efficiency or lack of efficiency. Further, by keeping biases about any officer or any person of well repute we can’t harm that person because Allah almighty has bestowed him or her that post or anything you may call. By reading your comments I may guess that you might be a person male or female from education department or even IMU whom tariq might had been given tough time to do something positive. By the way, good human beings never do this. May Allah give you strength ameen

  12. Booni says

    Mr saeed. lagta he ap ki hoi personel dislikes hain tariq mehmood sb k against. jo ap apna nam chupa kaar is tarah ki meaningless batain kar rehe hain is se ham sab ap ke mentality ko jan gaye hain k ap ki auqat kia he. ap ko media me a kar ye sab nahe kehna chahye. ap ki baton c aisa lagta he k ap khud ya ap ka koi reshtadar ya ap ki bevee education department me mulazem hoge aur tariq ne ap ko sahe danda dia hoga. aur ap media me a kar apna nam chupa kar apne dill ki bharas nekal reehe hain. otherwise tariq is a very reasonable human being jis ne education department ki behtare ka leye bht kam keya heee. ap agar marrd k bache hain tu ap tariq k daftar me bethhh kar zara ye batain karen na pher ham sab dekhen ge aur ap ko dad dain ge. Koi css ho ya pms ap ko is c kia har insan ki apni qesmat he. is tarah tu sab c bara polishi aur patwari sube ka chief secretary hota he jo chief minister ki ijazat k begair bath room b naheee jata. mere ap c guzaresh he k ap apna bp high na karen aur apna kam karen ap youn logon ko sare amm galian dete rehen ge tu ap pagal ho jayen ge. ALLH Talah ap ko hemat de aur ap ko toufeeq b de k ap logon k bare me acha sochain aur kise ki b sare ammm bezati na karen chahe wo ap ka dushman he q na hooo. Ameen

  13. Saeed says

    I object Mr Observer. You are hiding ur name which means u r a beneficiary. So have some and come forth with ur real name. Tariq Mehmood or xyz frim upper Chitral do not qualify to be AC Mastuj because Tariq is not a good administrator at all. We have seen scores of illegal transfer and posting in education department in connivance with Tariq. His job and his monitors are supposed to report any wrong posting of teachers but instead of that he is busy in pleasing the district nazim and the MPAs and in return they are making efforts to handpick him as AC. We have wriitten what this head monitor is doing as DMO Chitral. There are scores of illegal posting and transfer which he should have pointed out. As far being competent or having a foreign degree is concerned, I don’t think such a genius guy would end up in becoming a PMS or a patwari. The only charm of a PMS is two years of additional AC then you have deal with files like a section officer as a direct subbordinate to the CSS guys. A 30 year years old young CSS guy is the ultimate boss of a 40 years old PMS no matter what. So control and keep the pace slow dear PMS baboos as there is no need to be overconfident as we all know the popular definition of a “RANKER BABOO”.

  14. Observer says

    Every PMS officer, be he/she from upper or lower cl or elsewhere is competent to be the AC mastuj.The guy above named shuja or something is fond of passing comments on everything under the sun, which are absolutely non of his business. However, according to rules no officer shall be transferred to the jurisdiction to which he/she is domiciled.
    It is a right of any PMS officer to become an AC. the rule cant be altered due to Shuja or other huqooq stakeholder.
    It is higly appreciable if Chitrali PMS qualified officers be posted to the vacant positions in upper and lower slots. Among them, Mr. Tariq mehmood a competent PMS officer and a foreign qualified young man and some other qualified son of the soil PMS officers can be best options for the secretariat to consider.
    These huqooq and other self-styled muazizin like shuja are outdated and worthless free people, wandering in booni bazar have nothing to do but to sent comments on issues beyond their capacity.

  15. Saeed says

    Hello Sarkari absaar…I would rather call officers like you sarkari baboo. What a sarkari officer is knwn for? A sarkari officer is known for corruption, dishonesty, cheat, polishing boots of politicians. And in other words these kind of sarkari offocers are called patwari. To be more precise patwari means “chor”. An assistant commissioner for hradly two years then you have to deal with the files as a tiny section officers. Lift the files of the ministers. Manage the household chores of senior baboos or the big sahab. Take his childrenbto to the school. Pay his utility bills. Flattering the wife of the sahab as begum sahiba. This is what sarkari officers do. And then they take pride in their jobs. In a nutshell a sarkari job is nothing but a slavery. You remain a slave throughout your life. You have no liberty. So stop becoming smart saying I am a sarkari absaar. We really take pity when a sarakri baboo is suspended or made OSD which is called afsare bekaare khaas.

  16. Haq Booni says

    Mustansir sb ab kisi k bare me comment dete huyee phele socha karen. yun internet p a kar kise b bande ya official ka nam lena achaaa nahee he. ap government k logon ko seyase parteyon k sath wabasta na karennn.

  17. Syed says

    Sach kaha kese ne YE MU AUR MASUUR KI DAAAL. suna he PPP aur JI wale donooo aik he officer ko AC Mastuj post karne k hamee hain q k un dono parties ka taluq he us se. accordig to local admistraion wo officer tehrek huqooq k leader ke reshtadar ustad ko absent hone par jail behj chuka he. ye haqooq wale do number leader hain jinhion ne kuch b nahe kia is ilaqa k leye.

  18. Mastuj says

    haqooq e awam self proclaimed leaders are no body to talk about postings of bureaucrats. Haqooq e awam me koi aisa admi mujhe dekha deain jis k pas rozgar ho. ab aisa zamana a gaya he k sare berozgar mel kar sub division k AC ko blackmail karne chale atee hain. AC aye upper c lower c ya baher se tumhe danda zarur de ga.
    ham saab k leye behtar yehe hek ham apni auqat c ziada bat na karen. haqooq wale tab khosh honge jab koi RANKER AC aye aur in k sath khush gapeyan karta rehe. koi competent officer a gaya tu in ki khair nahe he. ham chitral k apne officers ki bht izat kaarte hain aur un ko controversial banana kisi b tarah theek nahee he.

  19. saeed says

    Ye munn aur masoor ki daal…. ja bhai apna kam kr…. ab AC ki appintment ap se poch k honi chahiye… what is the bloody huqooq …. sary berozgar akhty ho k tamasha bna rahe he… ye kia mulk he yaar jo kisi kam ka nei hota wo leader bnjata he.

  20. Mustansir says

    Here I agree with them and the appointment should be on merit. but Sardar Hussain was trying to impose a guy from upper Chitral through safarish but the summary for his appointment was reportedly rejected as he comes from upper Chitral. The reason why the MPA wanted him to be AC upper Chitral because he wanted to adjust one of his relatives in his place in lower Chitral in the education department, for which shah ji is moving from pillar to post.
    So any appointment of a local as AC MAstuj will not augur well as it is not a government policy. The need of the hour is that a non-local should be sent from Peshawar so that he can also rein the Haqooq Awam people who also most of the time cross all limits of decency. Hameedulllah Khattak treated them quite well but at the end he also surrendered and go himself transferred under pressure.

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