Cold wave freezes routine life in Yarkhun valley

the people of the valley were happy over the heavy snowfall after a long period of time, the sudden weather change has brought life to a standstill. In about 80 percent of villages the streams have frozen suspending the supply of electricity from the small powerhouses built on them. This has aggravated the situation as the residents lacked firewood for heating purpuses in the absence of electricity. Moreover, due to the freezing temperatures the water supply pipelines in villages have also been closed, creating a severe shortage of drinking water. A visit to different areas in the morning and evening shows as if no humans live in this part of the world. One residents of Pashk village said most of the residents move to cities in the winter as they are left with nothing to do here. He said all women and children in his house were sick and remained indoor due to the biting cold. All shops in major villages such as Brep, Bang, Meragram etc., open after sunrise and are shut even before the sunset these days while educational institutions are already on the winter vacations.FB_IMG_1484280736731]]>

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