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Work on CPEC route to begin from Chitral in March: Khattak

stated this while talking to MPA from upper Chitral Syed Sardar Hussain who met him at the Chief Minister House here on Thursday, said a press release issued by the PPP media cell. The chief minister also said that under the agreements recently signed by Pakistan and Chinese authorities, the Chinese companies would also be investing in the exploitation of minerals in Chitral, which would open job opportunities for the people of the area. The chief minister on the occasion also issued directions for upgrading the Govt High School Brep and the Govt High School Khot to the higher secondary level. He also issued directions for the release of funds for the construction of Saht road in Mulkhow and the extension of the Kosht link road. Mr Khattak also approved the provision of funds for three projects to construct embankments around the Mastuj town to protect it from the river erosion. The MPA thanked the chief minister for playing an active role in passing the CPEC route through Chitral. MPA Hussain also thanked the chief minister for including him in the CPEC joint working committee as a member.]]>

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  1. Saif says

    @Shahid Sangal.. Let’s not talk about the CM and his love for the people of Chitral. The gentleman holding the highest position in the Provincial govt. did not even bother to visit the camp of the families of the ATR crash victims at PIMS when they were waiting for the dead bodies of their loved ones during the identification process. Though he did visit the house of the deceased DC Chitral in Islamabad to offer his condolences. At what moral standards are you trying to judge him by the way? His party is nothing different from the rest of the political parties and he is no doubt an experienced campaigner, having had his best times spent with PPP. His joining PTI was a marriage of convenience because of his acquaintance to the chief from his student life. Let’s not give credit to the people who don’t deserve those, otherwise in the measuring scale the Federal govt. would outclass them in every aspect. Thank you.

  2. Fida I Rahmat says

    Dear MPA sahib you should talk for GarumChashma Road to include in CPEC project, because the existing route is dangerous and for its alternate is necessarily considerable. As I understand, there should be a tunnel between Shaghoor and Birnis or new route be linked in near chitral powerhouse from buni road to Gankorin but the route should be from sein side instead of Lasht side.

  3. Shahid Sangal says

    Khattak sb also deserves credit, he has shown that he is an experienced campaigner and he has put pressure on the federal government in the right way. In my personal opinion no doubt our elected leaders might have discussed it but the CM discussed it in a right forum. These projects would also help PTI in coming general elections. PTI has made grounds in the political system and proved so far that they are the real opposition party. And also through campaigns educating the masses of the muk muka of the two big parties.

  4. Saifuddin Saif says

    I think the MPA sahib has recently started hitting the right chord at the right moment for the betterment of the people of his constituency in particular and for the public of Chitral in general. His efforts must be appreciated keeping in mind the fact that he hails from PPP and its not easy to get things done when you don’t have a pro party govt in the province. Kudos to Syed Sardar Hussain Shah and good luck for the remainder of your tenure!

  5. Shah Karez says

    We are thankful to both the MNA and MPA for actively pursuing this important project. The road to Shandur should not go the way Booni to Mastuj road project had gone. In the past we have seen Lowar Tunnel funds diverted to selfish ends by the ex prime ministers.
    Please guard against the crooks and selfish elements of the concerned department and do your best to make it happen. This project could play vital role in boosting the economy of the area.

  6. Zahir Uddin Canada says

    Great job MPA sahib. Please focus on follow up and implementation.

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