PTI govt's healthy step

It augurs well that the KP government is taking keen interest in the promotion of healthy activities in the province. The allocation of funds for the construction of sports grounds in different parts of the province testifies to this fact.  The availibility of  sports facilities will immensely contribute towards promoting  peace and stability in the province.  Sports festivities have a positive impact on both mental and physical health. Only a physically and mentally stable nation can face the challenges of the age of science and technology. The people of this province have a passion for sports. The province has produced some renowned sportsmen who hold world records to their names. Sports grounds  presented  a deserted look in the face of terrorist attacks in some parts of the Province.  It has always been a nerve-breaking experience for the people to be scared away from the sports competitions by the merchants of death.  Swat, the tribal and some of the settled areas witnessed worst ever suicide attacks in the history of the world. The atmosphere of fear prevailed in the entire province till the time the Army launched a successful operation to flush the terrorists out of their hideouts. The command and control of the terrorists is in disarray now and most of their leaders have been put to the gallows and some more are yet to meet the same fate. The situation now seems quite normalized and the people are beginning to come out of the traumatic conditions. The  viable option with the KP government to erase the gory incidents of suicide attacks from the memory of the people is to engage them in healthy activities like sports activities. For this, the government should spend more on buliding sports complexes and stadiums. The sports stadium in Booni is nearing its completion at the estimated cost of fifty million rupees funded by the provincial government of the PTI.  The cricket ground of Koghuzi is also in the last phase of completion thanks to Imran Khan Foundation.(IKF) Khalid Pervaiz, Booni.  ]]>

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