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  1. Sher Wali Khan Asser sb: Infact, FIR was lodged against the culprit teachers at Mastuj and Drosh thanas as per directions of DC and DMO IMU chitral. After that, all the teaching community leaders, Male and his staff and notables of Chitral requested DMO Chitral and his staff to forgive those culprits for the last time. He forgave them on the condition that those unlawful behavior shall not be repeated by the teaching community. DEO and those teachers against whom FIR was lodged gave signed stamp papers to DMO Chitral that next time action may be taken against them if such acts were repeated. So, it shows that those teachers with there illegal acts disgraced the teaching community. It is indeed the great achievement of IMU DMO and his staff. We saluate DMO Chitral Tariq Mehmood for backing and protecting his staff in time of need. we are upset from DEO M who seeked forgiveness from him and signed stamp paper like a sheep. shame (A subject specialist)

  2. In the initial stage of any reformative task, faces some problems. Such is the case with monitors. In the early stage of Islam, Sahabah a Kiram and even Nabi Karim (SAWS) face a lot of problems. Monitors, you are a great people of our society. You are the reformers of our society , we all public of chitral like and appreciate your contributions. We gave seen change in our education system by the virtue if your contributions. This is a great change and is the foundation stone of revolution. To eradicate and eliminate the corrupted elements from education will take some time. One who quarrel, skirmish and Scrimmage with you they are the corrupted teachers and teacher Mafia.

  3. Teaching is a noble profession but unfortunately, some corrupt teachers have blackmailed the teachers of chitral. To lodge FIR against teachers is not a correct decision but the teachers may have be compelled the monitors to take intradepartmental action. Actually, being absent from duty and then threatening the monitor is exclusively a crime. So every criminal personal should be treated as per act of our constitution. Really such teacher are Mafia.

  4. When, unfortunately, I went through the report about lodging FIR against a school teacher and the comments of our young brothers, my heart ached. The allegation has not been proved as yet but, we started cursing the teaching community. Corruption has penetrated in the blood of our society and we all, including the teachers, are part of it and there may be corrupt teachers as well. There are E&D Rules to deal with any kind of irregularity on the part of government servants. The monitor should have initiated departmental action against the alleged teacher, instead of lodging FIR.
    If we don’t respect a particular teacher/s, we must respect the community and the profession.

  5. A bad workman quarrels with his tool and Teachers teach Students to Tell lie in critical situation: Since antiquity teachers have play a pivotal role in the character building of learners and students. In the history of human kind no teacher has told lie in the front of students but now a day our teachers do not perform their duty in a right manner but instead of this, teachers told students that if anyone ask the exit time of our school you must tell him that our closing timing is 2:30 pm and seldom 2:20 pm. Teachers have told this statement in the front of students. No teacher in the history of the world use such a stupid statement.A bad workman quarrels with his tool. Are You the nation builder or destroyer?
    your are a respectable, knowledgeable, educated, and reformer of society and our children and if you have told to students to tell lie and give false statement in order to save yourself then what we expect from our children in future.
    Educate some one means to enable the children to differentiate between good and bad positively. we sent our children to school not only for the cramming of some words but also making their moral conducts which is the primary purpose of education as well.
    In the history of human kind teachers have a great and central reputation among the members of society and this is the universal truth. No action has been taken against teachers throughout the world but unfortunately, FIR has been lodged against a teacher in Chitral due to his misbehavior and problematic nature, as per act.
    My massage to all teachers, kindly be punctual and perform your duty according to departmental rule and regulation.

  6. Ham dunya ma mughzaz thy Musulman ho ker
    Tum khowar ho gai Tak e Quran ho ker
    Hadis sharif k mutabeq sab sy baley chor our bura chor wo hai jo namaz ma chore kat. Is Hadis shareef ko uger ham is muqa mahal ke munasibat sy tashrekh karay to bohot zia dah mafiqat aur munasif hota hai.
    Teaching aik Pighumbarana Pasha hai aor taman pashon say afzal hai. Sab say bala bura aor bala chor woh hai Jo is Muhazab Pashay ko badnam karta hai.
    Aj kal k kutay b apas ma nahe laktay jagalty han. khen jangle ma b kuton ke apas ma bhungnay ke awaz nahe ate or na suna e date hai. Elahi, yah kea majra hai k chitral k muhazab tareen log apas ma laltay our jagal thy han.
    Teacheron ka kam ikhalaq sikhana and taghleem o tarbiat hai . Aj kal k teacher Kutoon ke tarakh bhunktay and lalty han.
    uger yah hamare teacheron ke halat hai to jahil our onpal logon ko ma kea gela karun wo hamary bachon ko kea sikha an gay.
    kea khal sika an gay

  7. I am a teacher by profession but some unprofessional person , teachers, are not sincere with their duty and they assumed that govt institutions have their setup and backup and they are running positively and there is no need of innovation in this system. They dislike the new generation and even the new NTS Appointed teachers. some orthodox teachers strongly opposed the monitoring staffs without any justification and solid reason. Because, the orthodox teachers do not follow the entrance and exit timing of schools. They always coming to school just for passing and killing of time nothing else. According to their own will and choice he leave the school saying that this is Pakistan and no body will bring reform and change in Pakistan and they especially criticized the famous Teacher, Pakhtoon Master.
    Teaching is a very honorable and most respected profession but now a day we are depositing and degrading our reputation.
    Two cases has been communicated to public through media within a month regarding Teacher and IMU staff controversy.
    Majority of our teachers are working for private school and some teachers are the convener of private schools, Head Master of GMS Dizg is one such type of teacher he is working for AKES according to ground reality.
    The latest case where IMU department has taken strict action against teacher and favor his staff. Because every action has reaction , in the farmer case when IMU shows debilitation and weakness the orthodox teachers become dominant and threatening become a common practice like their absenteeism.

  8. in every society of the world there are both bad and good men are dwelling but chitral was considered the unique locality across the world in term of peace and Nobility but conflict has being reporting by electronic media that teachers are chitral are attacking and threatening the young generation , the Monitors of education dept, and are preventing them from their duty who are working for the betterment of our society and young generation. The conflict has become very common in Chitral. According this media, FIR has been lodged against a teachers who was absent from duty at the time of monitoring and when the teacher has been informed that the Monitor has shown him absent he has phoned him and threatened him. Is this the quality of a teacher? Of course such teachers are blackmailing the education department, teachers, and the peace environment of chitral as well. A month ago, such type of conflict has been raised from GMS DIZG, yarkhoon, the same situation has been reported.what are doing the teachers of chitral. The duty of teachers is to teach student not attacking, threatening, misbehaving. The performance of teachers in chitral is so bad as per this media. According to this report and comments, teachers of chitral are practicing habitual absenteeism from their duty in order to conceal their bad evil and illegal activities , they are trying to threaten the monitors. Teacher are the agent of change of society , of course the teachers of chitral have really change the peace environment of chitral and dream of Preveez Musharaf, into counter direction.
    For the sake of GOd, please, don’t blackmail the name of chitral and chitral is famous for its peace and love nothing else. I suggest you to all teachers kindly, be punctual, and be sincere with your job and profession. Teaching is the profession of Prophets why are your being corrupting the holy name and profession. If you become punctual and regular no powerful authority will harm your.. If you become corrupts, proxy, irregular and not punctual then every body will tease you.

  9. @ Burhan and Others.
    i m not a teacher nor i belong to any profession. But still i have respect for all my taechers. the feelings and the words which you people used against the Builders of the nation is mere a personl allegation and hatred. You just run the arrow in the air without any justification and facts about the supra mentioned issues. I condemn your behavior against teachers , so kindly avoid blaming and abusing the nobles please.

  10. Govt Teachers have destroyed the education system in Chitral. TEACHER ONCE was considered as a noble, polite person. But now a day , the teachers have become so corrupt. They have devalued the holy name of teacher. Most recently teachers of chitral behave and act as a terror in order to achieve Unfair goal. A teacher remained absent from duty and threatens the person who performs his duty honestly. Take action against the teachers Mafia

  11. Monitoring staffs of IMU have changed the system of education in Chitral. Four years ago, teachers of govt schools were not comming to school and were working abroad especially in Middle East. Now IMU has regulated the teachers. Almost, all the proxy teachers have been terminated , suspended and finished. According to the public perception six years ago the said teacher, Hyder Aman was working in Suadi Arabia instead of teaching. This is the past character of this teacher. Monitor has done right while lodged FIR.
    Solute to the Monitor.

  12. Threatening Monitoring staff by Govt Teachers have become a common issues in Chitral. The land of Chitral was known for peace environment throughout the country but nowadays Govt Teachers of Chitral district have become a typical Teachers Mafia and degrading the position of Chitral in respect of peace. We are the dwellers of Chitral are peace lover and our culture does not allow to theaten anybody. The Govt Teachers of Chitral have become morally, ethically and financially corrupt
    They are struggling to create problems for society and as well as Monitors. They are destroying the crucial learning time of our young generations. As per repirt, a teacher remained absent from duty and this is an illegal activity when Monitor take action against his absenteeism he threaten the monitor so this is a big crime. I request to IMU officers to take strict action against the criminal teachers of chitral.

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