Ex-DPO allegedly misused authority, police funds

Sources in the Chitral police on the condition of anonymity told ChitralToday that Asif Iqbal Mohmand was posted to Chitral as the DPO on January 12, 2016, and transferred to the Special Branch Peshawar on Oct 19. During this short stay in Chitral, Mr Mohmand allegedly misused funds allocated for the police without any check. The sources said the former DPO did not distribute an amount of Rs7.3 million released by the deputy commissioner for payment as TA/DA among police personnel who were deployed during the polio campaigns in the district. Another major allegation against the police officer was that he misused funds set aside for fuel of the police. The sources said during his tenure, Rs2 to Rs2.5 million per month was shown spent on fuel which was the highest ever in the district. They said Mr Mohmand managed to increase the fuel limit for the station house officers of 12 police stations and three chowkis. The SHOs were authorized to utilize 300 litres of petrol per month, which the former DPO increased to 400 litres. However, the SHOs were actually given only 200 litres per month. A senior police officer at the Chitral police station, who wished not to be named, said soon after taking over Mr Mohmand brought his own man as the MTO from outside Chitral and posted out the local officer. That man managed to even keep the meters of parked police vehicles running to pocket the fuel funds. He said during the tenure of the DPO, the police had to foot huge bills under the head of fuel even though POL prices remained low compared to the past. The sources also said the former DPO gave a police land cruiser worth Rs1.5 million through an ‘auction’ to one of his close confidantes at a throwaway price of about Rs300,000. They said the former DPO also withdrew about Rs3.4 million from the police account in the name of a constable. They said a team of auditors had also pointed irregularities in the police accounts during the tenure of the ex-DPO. When contacted, Asif Iqbal, in a text message said: “I’m sorry I’m in a family function. I don’t know about any corruption allegation against me. Pls talk to me tomorrow.” When this correspondent approached him again the next day, he phone was found switched off. When he was contacted again, he sent a text message: “Well I can’t stop you, go ahead as for my version I can only speak after getting permission from the IGP.”  ]]>

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  1. It is very easy to do accountability across the board. How many assets (in number and value) you had before holding public office? What are the current status (No & value) of your assets? What were your source of income used to increase the assets? Answer with valid evidences of above three question will give u (Kon kitne paani me ha?). lakin koye to system to thek karna chahe na tab? Sitam zarfi ye ha ke jo jitna bala chor ho sb us ki tawaf zaruri samajte han or system ma un ke lye asanian han. Honesty ko bohot tough time milata ha.

  2. well pointed out by Shahbaz. Khalid is surely involved in the scam and must be treated at par with Asif Iqbal. Khalid has no fine track record in service as he was suspended for two years for corruption when he was SHO of Drosh.

  3. How to check bureaucrats from corruption and if they do it, how to retrive the public money. There should be mechenism to evaluate the performance of bureaucrats and they should not be given free hand to loot the public money and go away with it. Why Our elected representatives do not do anything to stop such practices. They must keep a vigilent eye on utilization of public money in the district. We must appreciate the good workds of bureaucrats and meanwhile must not let any one looting our limited funds.

  4. I am surprised why the former DSP Khalid is not included in the ivnestigation who is allegedly responsible for the bungling of money being the DSP (headquarters) during the period. Either the reporter Zulfikar is not aware of his deep involvement in the case or he is going to spare him which is not fair.

    1. Agree with Shahbaz Khan. He could not have done it without support of local abettors. They should be brought to book too.

  5. serious corruption charges has been leveled against the ex.dpo.which needs to be probed.pti led govt:should take notice of the misappropriation of funds by the ex.dpo.chitral.

  6. Shocking to know that such xamples of mega corruption are set in the tennure of Nsir Khan Durrani.Again shocked to note that JUI and ANP did not talk about these corruptions of PTI Government.Now it is time that PPP and PML take up this issue tll its logical eend.

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