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  1. PPP leader for connecting Chitral with CPEC
    January 14, 2016 BUSINESS RECORDER REPORT:
    Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chitral leader and former bureaucrat Sultan Wazir Khan has demanded the provincial and federal government to construct mineral processing and development zone and an economic zone in Chitral under the game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and inter-connect Chitral via Ghizer, Gilgit Chumarkan, Mastuj-Shusht, Yarkhoon and Shah Jinali, Torkhow.
    In a press statement issued here, Sultan Khan said Chitral is rich with costly mines and precious minerals. He pointed out that very huge and costly metal reserves were lying untouched at Moghulang Rech, Torkhow. There is a vast potential for establishing industries in tourism, marble, woodcraft and wool in Chitral.
    He said Chitral is the largest district of KP and is strategically located in the most sensitive geo-political area. He deplored that this area has always been neglected in the past and no efforts have ever been made to develop the infrastructure and economic conditions of its people. Chitral neither appears in any of the plans of CPEC nor in the list of the proposed sites of economic zones identified by the Board of Investment who has marked places in KP for construction of economic zones.
    He demanded from the government of KP to immediately send these suggestions to the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) for consideration. He warned the provincial government that if these three suggestions are not recommended to the Joint Coordination Committee, the people of Chitral would be left with no option except to use their constitutional right to lodge protest in the streets, besides knocking the doors of the judiciary.-PR

  2. اصل کالم اور تبصروں کو پڑھنے کے بعد ایسا لگا کہ سی پیک بھی سیاسی دیوتاؤں کی بھینٹ چڑھنے والا ہے۔ مقصودالملک صاحب کے مطابق وزیر اعلےٰ کے پی کے نے بیجنگ میٹنگ میں “بشام۔سوات روٹ کی تجویز دی ہے اور فنڈ کا مطالبہ کیا ہے۔ یہ خالص سیاسی فیصلہ ہے جس میں کوئی منطق نظر نہیں آرہی ہے۔ چین کو کے کے ایچ کے علاوہ ایک دوسرا روٹ بھی چاہیے جو کے کے ایچ کی ممکنہ بندش کی صورت میں نیز اس پر ٹریفک کا دباؤ کم کرنے کیلیے متبادل سڑک کاکام دے سکے۔ اس موضوع پر پرفیسر ممتاز حسین صاحب کا بلاگ ” چیئنا پاکستان اکنامک کوریڈور اور چترال” ایک تفصیلی جایزہ پیش کرتا ہے۔ آپ بھی پڑھیے۔ ان کے مطابق قدیم سے چیئنا، وسظ ایشیا اور جنوبی ایشیا کے ساتھ تجارتی روٹس میں سب سے نزدیکی روٹ کاشغر واخان بروغل تھا جو چین کے سرحد سے بروغل تک صرف 120 کلومیٹر ہے۔چین کی طرف اسکی سرحد تک سڑک موجود ہے۔ وہاں سے پاکستان اور افغان بونڈری تک 120 کلومیٹر
    سڑک کی ضرورت ہوگی۔بروغل سے چترال کا فاصلہ زیادہ سے زیادہ ن240 کلومیٹر ہے۔ اس کا مطلب یہ ہوا کہ کاشغر چترال بذریعہ واخان سب سے نزدیک روٹ ہے۔ گلگت چترال کا فاصلہ انہوں نے 450 کلومیٹر بتایا ہے۔ میرے علم کے مطابق یہ فاصلہ 350 کلومیٹر
    سے زیادہ نہیں ہے ۔یہ دونوں روٹس قابل عمل ہیں۔ چترال کے سیاسی اور سماجی حلقوں کو ایک مشترکہ اور متفقہ موقف اپنا کر یہ کیس لڑنا ہے۔ اب تک ایم این اے شہزادہ افتخار نے جو کوششیں کی ہیں ہم انہیں سراہتے ہیں اور صوبائی اسمبلی کے اپنے نمائیندوں سے اس معاملے میں سنجیدہ رول ادا کرنے کی امید رکھتے ہیں۔ اگر سی پیک کو بھی سیاست کی نذر کیا گیا تو آئیندہ نسل ہماری قبریں کھود ڈالے گی اور ہماری ہڈیاں جلا ڈالے گی۔ میں یہاں پر آمان اللہ صاحب کا شکریہ ادا کروں گا کہ اس نے ماضی میں اس سلسلے میں بڑا کردار ادا کیا ہے اور اس وقت بھی وہ کردار ادا کرسکتا ہے۔ فی الحال “گلچستان” کو چھیڑنے اور تنزغات کھڑا کرنے سے گریز کریں تو ہم سب کے مفاد میں ہوگا۔۔

  3. yarkhun valley has always supported shahzada saib in election for no apparent reason. .if we see not even a single development work in our locality by either of them,then how can we give the credit of such mega project to him……

  4. This is not for the purpose to offend anyone but to set the records correct. Iam failing to understand the meaning of the word,” GILCHISTAN ” appearing at many places in the writings before me.I would like the writer kindly to explain the meaning of this word “GILCHISTAN ” as this word is alien to all the books of Political Science and Law. I, being a student of Political Science and Law, have both the political as well as a legal right to ask for the explanation from the writer who used it. As and when the explanation is received, contents of these writings will be duly taken care of accordingly.

      1. You can never find the history of gilchistan in your ordinary political studies. sory. Read tibetan dictionary

  5. Any comment on this topic should be taken positively in the larger interest of development of Chitral. We should all be one in pointing out a wrong decision irrespective of being associated with any political party . The CPEC alternate route Gilgit , Chitral, Chakdara Peshawar is only suggested because
    (a) The KKH is vulnerable between Gilgit, Chilas and Besham due to land slides and blockages that come up due to periodic tension in that area. Below Besham the road is clear.
    (b) Looking for a backup to the KKH between Gilgit and Besham an alternate route is required.
    In a recent meeting in Bejing on 10th Dec , KPK CM has suggested the alternate route as Besham to Swat and asked for funds for this . http://pakchinanews.pk/politicians-business-community-hail-inclusion-of-three-mega-projects-of-kp-in-cpec/. It seems the CM has ignored the very reason for the requirement of the alternate route and has preferred Swat without any logic going into his decision. All our members including the PTI leadership in Chitral should put some sense to rectify this blunder.
    Like wise any other development activity in Chitral requires your collective thought like another recent decision of the CM to make a Cancer hospital in Chitral. While hospitals in Chitral, Drosh and Buni that cater to all kind of ailments and emergencies require your attention coming up with a Cancer hospital is whimsical. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if the CM uses these funds to upgrade the hospitals in Chitral, Drosh and Buni to give us the very basic requirements that are missing in these hospitals.
    Maqsood ul Mulk

  6. It is a good news for the people of Gilchistan province. The most effective effort seems to be of Shahzada Iftikharuddin being the MNA of the area. Others are just like Urdu saying” Mathay pe lahoo laga kay shahidoon may shamil hona”. Since long I have been putting efforts fer the betterment of people of Gilchistan from the very beginning I entered into Planning Commission. On the request of GB Assembly members who met the Deputy Chairman Planning Commission in early 1993, I was appointed as Coordinator for facilitating the development work of the area.I have the honor to promote the Gilgit Chitral route as an alternate KKH because of unfortunate happenings in the Shina speaking belt of Kohistan which has been illegally occupied by the KpK like the District of Chitral. A number of unfortunate massacres on sectarian grounds have been occurred on KKH in Kohistan area. As Coordinator Northern Area I played my role in construction of Gilgit-Chitral road as a project of Tourism Ministry. Similarly, in 2000-01 I was entrusted to prepare a brief for the President Musharraf to discuss with the visiting dignitary H.H The Aga Khan. I had suggested two important projects namely Lowari Tunnel and a link road to Tajikistan for financing through Aga Khan Foundation (AKF). On the basis of understandings reached between the two leaders the AKF had carried out a survey for linking the Gilchistan with Tajikistan. I have put a lot of efforts for financing of Lowari Tunnel by convincing the higher authorities of the then NWFP Governments. The most important was the contribution of H.H Aga Khan in convincing Federal Government. Since the start of CPEC I am promoting besides, others the Express Way from Gilgit to Chitral. All these efforts put forward by different quarters could not be successful without the support of Sahzadah Sahib. Eventually the credit must go to Shahzadah Iftikharuddin.

  7. Yes he did his job very well and due credit is been given in the opinion 🙂
    The linking of China with Afghanistan via Wakhan strip depends upon the condition of peace in war torn Afghanistan, unless durable peace is not achieve there any effort in this regard would be meaningless. The better option is to create awareness among people on CPEC and Geo-strategic location of Chitral.

  8. MNA, Iftikhar Uddin has given presentation at NA regarding PK-Tajik high way. This Highway will cross another highway linking China with Afghanistan through Wakhan Strip. It is better option because it will not only link Pak-China also link Pak-Tajik.

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