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Denin residents flock to new park

Hundreds of visitors came to the park today and appreciated the high quality work completed within shortest possible time of 50 days.received_1531535373539661received_1531535213539677]]>

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  1. Zahiruddin says

    D.C Chitral Usama Ahmed Waraich and his team members especially Syed Mazhar Ali Shah have done tremendous job by making high-quality park at Lanik Chitral for which they deserve deep appreciation.It helps in providing entertainment facilities not only to the town area but to all local, national and global visitors as well .I myself visited the park while coming from Booni to Chitral on my way to Islamabad/Canada and found the visitors in large no in evening time in spite of cold and windy weather.D.C sahib and his enthusiastic team will get promotion, transfer posting anytime but their sincere services will be remembered by the people of Chitral for green.I would like to request their successors to continue such great and noble job.

  2. Samad says

    And Sohail Waraich of Geo News should come all the way from Lahore to Chitral to interview DC Osama as it merits that he should be the guest of his show “Eik din Geo k sath”. Chitralis should dance to tune of dhol damama along with the additional ACs as the district administration is quite fond of musical galas. Patwaris should also be invited to perform.
    Mansur Wali Shabab should be invited to especially sing “Ashiqi angaar” – the favourit song of an author currently residing in GB. And at the end the zila nazim, Haji Mafirat Shah should hold a demonstration at the park, protesting that basically it was his idea which the DC cashed in on after he approached the chief minister seeking his transfer.

  3. shehla hakim says

    I am fully agreed with the proposal of Mr. Muhammad Hakim Advocate of PPP who had reportedly put forward the proposal to the worthy chief secretary that the park by renamed as ‘Osama Warraich Park’ after the name of its architect and builder, the youthful deputy commissioner of Chitral. The proposal of Mr. Hakim is very positive and it is the voice of half a million Chitrali except District Nazim Maghfirat Shah and few souls of his coterie.

  4. Adnan Zainul Abideen says

    Congratulations, Great service to the community of Chitral indeed The district administration especially DC and AAC S.Mazhar deserve appreciation.The district administration had been there since long and the Leenik barren land too, action of the present administration speak,s louder than words, Bravo, both thumbs up for you.

  5. fariha mansoor says

    Good effort indeed.

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