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Yarkhun bridge may collapse again due to lack of maintenace

YARKHUN: The only jeep-able bridge in the south of Dizg and north of Brep constructed in 1980 to link the Yarkhun valley with other parts of Chitral collapsed in 2006 mainly due to the use of substandard material and a lack of maintenance. bridge1It took more than five years to rebuild the bridge due to apathy of he successive governments and lack of interest on part of the public representatives. During this period, over 50,000 people living in about 100 villages in the far-off valley remained cut off during each summer. Since its reconstruction, no steps have again been taken to maintain the bridge and, as a result, most of its wooden plunks have worn out and disappeared. On the other hand, in every summer the river continues eroding the soil on the western part of the bridge due to the absence any proper embankment. The people of the area have called upon the government and the public representatives to allocate funds for the repair and maintenance of the vital bridge to protect it from collapsing again.–Abdul Nasir Khanbridge]]>

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  1. Ahmad Azam says

    People of Yahkhoon should understand the theory that nation can not be developed by construction of roads and bridges. PTI totka. ” Nawaz sharif sun lo sarkan and bridges banana say mulk taraqi nahi karta” Imran Khan address in his dharna.

  2. Sajjad Haider, Gazeen Yarkhoon says

    Dear Editor Chitraltoday. Your online has very rightly published this significant report on the dilapidated condition of Brep Bridge. The photographs aptly depict our national apathy towards public properties and how we contribute in their destruction well before completion of their natural age.Let’s hope that concerned authorities, both C & W and political leadership, take note of the issue and ensure immediate repair of the bridge to save it from total annihilation at quick pace.
    A similar significant connecting bridge is at village Zhupu (Yarkhoon) over Yarkhoon River. This is as well an old bridge, and was repaired only last year. But now is in absolute dangerous condition, leading to major accident any time. This shows the substandard work in the name of repair. The case needs thorough investigation as how a huge amount of money has gone waste in the name of repair of the bridge. Attention of both civil administration and the local political leadership is requested to look into the matter.

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