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  1. Danish says

    People of the project area are 100% agree with the observations raised by Professor M. Dost. There is no second opinion that the project is failed one. We the people of Singoor also getting no water from the said DWSS, In spite of contribution of Rs 30000 and also worked in excavation process. Mr. Zuhran Shan defended the project on weak grounds, may be he is trying for face saving of his colleagues in the implementing organization (AKPBSP), otherwise using the word “failed” is minimum for this particular project on the basis of resources invested on it.

  2. muhammad dost says

    it is pertinent to mention here that water supply scheme which was implemented by AKPBSP is a failed project.Huge amount of donors as well as community contributions wasted on this particular project and at present not a drop of water is available in the project area.Rs 30000 collected from many consumers including me and even some were forced to pay 50000 as contribution to the far as the handing over of the project is concerned the community members say that the project has not been properly and formally handed over to the community by the implementing department.we the consumers request to high ups to make comprehensive inquiry into this failed project and its status may be clarified.

  3. Shahzad says

    Good to see our Zuhran Shah after long, long time…seem quite active in these days once again. Good for you buddy, keep it up.

  4. Zohran Shah says

    My friend Professor Muhammad Dost has raised an important issue concerning the water needs of the neighboring villages of Chitral town. However, being one of the beneficiaries of the DWSS water supply scheme, I want to make certain corrections related to the cost of the project and monetary contribution made by the community.
    Firstly, the community contribution was not Rs30,000 as mentioned by the learned writer. In fact, it was Rs6,000 per household excluding excavation cost which was between Rs4,000 and Rs5,000 per household, varying from village to village. As far as the project’s cost is concerned, AKBPS is still making monetary contribution and also considering different options to make this important scheme a success. However, Rs600 million cost quoted by my friend is too exaggerated, which must be a typo error.
    Secondly, terming the project “failed” is quite unfair, considering the fact that the 2015 floods damaged roads, water supply schemes and hydropower projects across Chitral and the project in question is no exception. More importantly, the project was restored by AKBPS after MPA Salim Khan provided pipes to replace the damaged ones. But unfortunately, soon after restoration, a number of pipes were again damaged by bulldozers working on Garamchashma road, which has affected smooth supply of water.
    We must acknowledge that it was Aga Khan Building and Planning Service (AKBPS), which came forward and extended its help when despite repeated requests no other public or private organization was ready to pay heed to the drinking water needs of these neglected villages. In fact, instead of facilitating the AKBPS initiative, hurdles were created in implementation of the water supply scheme. In the same way, when the concerned department was approached to get a share from Golen Gol water supply scheme, our request was rejected straight away. Even our efforts to get water from different villages did not bear fruit due to refusal of the respective communities.
    In the past, the only project meant for provision of water to these villages was the government initiated water channel scheme from Shasha. However, the project consumed huge amount and was later abandoned after humiliating discrepancies surfaced in its design. Recently, Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) has installed water pumps at Balach and Singore only to make its presence known.
    In any case, blaming AKBPS is unjust because the organization successfully completed the project as per the agreement. Now responsibility rests on the community to effectively run and manage the project.
    Zohran Shah

  5. Ahmad Azam says

    With passage of time quality of work decreased in case of NGOs and it is a matter of dilemma cos where people will go?

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