Kalash community members say DC Waraich should not be transferred

A news report published in ChitralToday on Oct 25 stated that District Nazim Maghfirat Shah was trying to get the DC transfer from Chitral and in this regard he had already approached the chief minister with the help of the Jamaat-e-Islami ministers in the province. However, the nazim issued a press conference and denied the allegation. Since then, however, a number of people and groups along with the PTI Chitral have held press conferences or issued statements demanding that the DC should not be transferred. Sarawat Shah, Iran Bibi, Lali Gul councilor Jam Shahi, Abdul Rashid and Attai Jan from the Kalash valleys told the local reporters at the press club that the news of efforts being made by some political people to get the DC transferred quickly reached the Kalash valleys and saddened the people there.

People of Kalash valleys asked us to go to Chitral town and  convey their appeal to the authorities concerned to not transfer Mr Waraich and give him a chance to continue working for the betterment f the people of Chitral, especially the minority community.
They said they were impressed by the sympathy and sense of devolution shown by Mr Waraich towards the resolution of the problems of the Kalash community. Mr Waraich visited the Kalash valleys on a number of occasions after the 2015 floods and the earthquake and took keen interest in resolving the local issues, including repairing roads and other infrastructure, they added. (Correspondents: Muhkam Uddin, Syed Nazir Husain & Bashir Hussain Azad).]]>

3 Replies to “Kalash community members say DC Waraich should not be transferred”

  1. My request to all chitrali community to think about chitrals future not some culprits, corrupt, selfish, dishonest and hungry for money people.They are already rich by sucking our blood and we have to try our best not to give any more chance.Thanks we have great new educated and brave politicians and they deserve chance. BYE BYE to all current shit politicians. Thnks to every one for their fruitful media comments except few narrow minded brothers.

  2. Amazing love shown by the people of Chitral, I don’t remember any outpouring of emotion for an officer in recent times.

  3. If the Kalash are desperate that the DC should not be posted out, they should hold a protest demonstration in front of district nazim office. Mere conferences and all this will make no difference. So the people of Chitral who think that DC is an upright man should hold a protest demonstration, demanding the provincial government not to transfer the DC.

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