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Excitement over launch of mobile phone service seems shortlived

With a few weeks of bonhomie, the people who rushed to buy SIMs of the mobile company and enjoyed the service are now scratching their heads over the quality of the service. The consumers are fast becoming fed up with the poor quality of service after the company rushed to launch its service in one after the other part of the valley up to Yarkhun Lasht. However, the consumers complained that after a few weeks the service started deteriorating. Akhtar Shad from Chapali village said the launch of the mobile service in the far-off villages had fulfilled the longstanding dream of the people but they never expected such a poor service. He said the people of the area were happy that for the first time in their life they had been able to connect with their near and dear ones living away from home. But due to the poor service, they were now suffering. He said when you dial from your set, the line is dropped or never connected. He said even if you are connected, the voice on the other side is not clear and the call is dropped in the middle of the conversation. Even the consumers are not able to send SMS, he complained. Abdul Nasir Khan of Bang village in Yarkhun valley said the service was working quite well till about three weeks ago when a team of Telenor officials visited the valley and checked the towers. Soon after they left the area, the service quality started falling. Mumtaz Ali of Povur village said due to the poor service of the mobile service providing company, the consumers are not only facing inconvenience but also suffering financial losses. The consumers called upon the government to encourage more companies to launch their service in the area so that an atmosphere of competition can be ensured in the area to ensure better service and save the consumers from exploitation. They also asked the management of Telenor to improve its service by fixing the technical faults in its system on a priority basis.  ]]>

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