Aga Khan III's services for Pakistan & its impact

(Nov 2 is the 149th birth anniversary of Aga Khan III)   By Muniza Allana His Royal Highness, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah, the Aga Khan III, is the 48th hereditary Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Nizari Muslims around the globe and a prominent personality in the political history of the formation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  received_1516188811740984The Aga Khan III devoted the better part of his life to the upbringing and establishment of the Muslims. He made innumerable contributions to the formation of Pakistan by inducing a culture of education and morality among the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. Due to his efforts, the Muslims of the subcontinent did not only get a separate homeland but also found their way back on their feet with the cane of education and awareness. Some of the major contributions of the Aga Khan III include his appointment as a member of the Imperial Legislative Council in 1902 at the young age of 25. Making use of this position the Aga Khan III was able to conclude that the reason that the Muslims of the Sub-Continent could not grow out of their abyss was their lack of education. In order to reduce this lacking the Aga Khan III made active efforts to arrange free and affordable education of the Muslims through the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental (MAO) College and fund raising for the Aligarh University. The Aga Khan III was able to collect around 3 million rupees to lay the foundation of the Aligarh University. Several Muslim leaders agree that if it would not be for the efforts of the Aga Khan III, the Aligarh University would still be an unaccomplished dream. In 1906, the Aga Khan III was appointed the honorary President of the All India Muslim League and led the Muslim delegation to Simla. The Aga Khan III held that position till 1912.In addition to his work as the President of the All India Muslim League, the Aga Khan III was also appointed as the president of the All Parties Muslim Conference which was held in 1928-29. Then, later on when the Round Table Conferences were held during 1930-33, the Aga Khan III represented the Muslim delegation as their chairman and spokesperson. In 1932, the Aga Khan III represented India at the League of Nations and in 1937 achieved an unthinkable feat of being elected the president of the League of Nations which is now known in the world as the United Nations Organisation making him the only Asian who was ever able to get to that position. Due to the selfless and tireless efforts of the Aga Khan III, the Indian Muslims were able to find themselves a separate estate that they could not only call their own but could also practice and preach their own religion and culture there. They grew out of the darkness of illiteracy and dumbfounded beliefs and found the light of education and knowledge. The Aga Khan III brought into existence the Muslim estate that Allama Iqbal had dreamt of, that Quaid-e-Azam had made efforts for. After the establishment of Pakistan, the Aga Khan the III found ways to keep this newly born nation on its own feet much more like a father than anything else. In all its magnificence, the light that the Aga Khan III carried inside of him for the progress and prosperity of Muslims was transferred to his grandson, His Highness, Prince Karim Aga Khan, Aga Khan IV, on his sad demise from this world on 11 July 1957. Although, in form the Aga Khan III passed from this world, his soul remained in the face of this country and his endless service to its establishment, his institutions, the Aga Khan Development Network and many more working relentlessly around the globe, creating self reliance, and giving hope to millions for a better tomorrow.]]>

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  1. There are much more He has done for this country and for other Muslims and Non-Muslims around the globe. Gwadee was aslo a great asset which was given to Pakistan by Aga Khan.

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