PTI Chitral asks govt not to transfer DC Waraich

ChitralToday on Oct 25. In a pres statement, the PTI Chitral said the district nazim wants a deputy commissioner who can toe his line all the time. However, the incumbent deputy commissioner, since his posting to Chitral in Oct 2015, has been discharging his responsibilities in line with the law and for the interest of the people without succumbing to any political pressure, and the PTI also wants such an officer. The statement said the workers of the PTI request the provincial government that they have no complaints against or have any issue with the DC and neither they would ever want to get any illegal work done through any government officer. The PTI expressed the hope that the provincial government would not transfer the DC Chitral merely on the request of the district nazim or on his complaint. It added that after quite a long time Chitral has been given an honest and professional officer and he should be allowed to continue working in the district.]]>

3 Replies to “PTI Chitral asks govt not to transfer DC Waraich”

  1. Mr Amin and Shuja should tell us what servicee did Waraich render to Chitral ?What are his skills and inefficiency strengths ? This is 21st century and we are not ready become slaves of a corrupt officer who was under report before being posted to Chitral.

  2. The present DC Chitral is a man of principles and rendered valuable job for the people of Chitral,although many local politicians and government servants are not pleased his bold stand on transparency and accountability.Mr.Waraich should be given more time as he has to do many more difficult tasks including minimizing the curse of corruption in government departments WHWRE financial irregularities are at high due to engineers and contractors.What I did mention is only a tip of iceberg,but is necessary,may be some corrupt politicians will create problems for him.

  3. I really thankful of everyone including respectful PTI leaders to initiate action against such from DN to transfer such a honest, noble family background,dedicated, young,generous qualification, brave, faithful and sincere DC of our lovely chitral.We should tell all these corrupt outdated leaders via media that those days are gone man.just wait????

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