Survey of Chitral-Shandur road begins

Sunday. On request of MNA Shahzada Iftikharudin, the NHA in August had promised the inclusion of construction of an RCC bridge at a suitable location between Awi and Sonogore. Once implemented, this road will bring about a tremendous improvement in the road infrastructure in Subdivision Mastuj as the road will be constructed following Asian Highway Network (ASN) standards.

Powerhouse upgradation
Wapda will float tenders for the upgradation of the Chitral powerhouse after approval of PC-1 by the Planning Commission.
The item has been included in next CDWP meeting by Secretary Planning at the request of MNA Chitral in November 2016. Report by Bashir Hussain Azad

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  1. This is all bullshid,this drama we hearing from when the then dictator was holding the sovereignty and I do not know how many serveys and fazibility reports had been done in past
    We did not see any practical work.In coming election 2018 when our Honourable MNA sahib will say official goodbye the death horse(APML)and will shake hand with our good urdu speaking PM’PARTY then he will make another serveys and then we have to wait 10 more years.Munafaqaat, Barbariat Reshwatiat these all are qualities of our representatives and government,so nothing is going to change.

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