5 Replies to “Is NHA sleeping?”

  1. This road belong to CnW, Jughur towards Chowni bridge Road. N-45 Nowshehra to CHitral Chew bridge Road, that is coming straigh to Chew bridge not turning to Chowni bridge.

  2. This portion of the road (from TMA chowk to Chawni bridge) comes under the jurisdiction of District government and is waiting the attention of relevant authority. But no one pay heed to this heirless road. Darna Khan is busy to arrange a DARNA in Islamabad and our CM Pervaiz Khatak is dancing there just to please Darna Khan. The so-called justice movement of PTI have totally failed and they will see the outcome of it in the forthcoming election 2018.

  3. Imran Khan is busy with Sheikh Rasheed fro next Dharna, and whole KP govt is also busy to develop plan for the next dharna. Who will take care of these roads and other issues. Allah in Hokumranon Ko gharak karan jo hamari zindagi ajiran ki han owr logon ka kam karnay ka bajaia dharnon ma laga hova han.

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