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Booni wins annual polo tournament after thrilling match

During the fixed two circles of 25 minutes each, both the teams scored four goals each. As a result, extra 10 minutes were given to the teams during which the Booni team scored two more goals while the Reshun team could not score any goal. A large number of people witnessed the final of the tournament in which DC Chitral Osama Ahmad Waraich was the chief guest. In the welcome address to the DC, the organizers demanded that a watchman should be appointed for the Booni Junali and a pipeline should be laid to the Booni Gol to bring water to the ground. Besides, they said that the funds announced for the Qaqlasht tournament 2016 had not yet been paid to the polo players and the process should be expedited. received_900071680137489However, the DC during his speech did not make any commitment and asked the organizers to come to his office in the form of a committee so that he would look into the demands. Speaking on the occasion, Tehsil Mastuj naib nazim Fakar Uddin assured the organizers that the tehsil municipal administration would appoint a watchman for the polo ground besides arranging water for it from the Booni Gol.]]>

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  1. Sharafat says

    How fair this DC is? “the Qaqlasht tournament 2016 had not yet been paid to the polo players?”

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