Students end protest on DC's assurance

The students came to Booni in the form of a procession and held the protest at Booni Chowk. They said the college lacked professors and lecturers, drinking water, desks and other such basic facilities, putting negative impacts on their studies. The students said despite repeated demand the facilities had not been provided in the college. They said they had taken up the issue with the district nazim, the deputy commissioner besides the MNA and the MPA but to no avail. They also chanted slogans against the local administration, the lawmakers and the KP government for their apathy to resolve the problems of the students despite making tall claims. The said about 10 days ago they had warned that if their demands were not fulfilled within a week they would close the Chitral-Mastuj road near the college at Khandan. They said as no one heeded to their ultimatum, they would close the busy road at 6am on Friday and would not allow the DC Chitral and others to participate in the concluding day of the ongoing polo festival in Booni. Meanwhile, Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam upper Chitral also announced their support to the students and said they would also join the students in their protest for their genuine demands.  ]]>

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  1. There may be many reasons for poor performance of GDC Booni but one of the major issue is its location, nobody is willing to enroll there as student and serve there as civil servants…all those Profs and lecturers who belong to Upper Chitral are serving at GDC CHITRAL for the last 20 years..if a faculty from Booni is not interested to serve there than how one can force people form down districts to go there??

  2. If the matter is to be resolved,the Principal of Degree College Booni must be taken to task.The said Princpal is least interested to put his house in order.His non chalant behaviour is gauged from the fact that he remains absent from college on the pretext of official business while he remains busy in doing his personal and family affairs like constructing his house in Peshawar and chitral town.If degree college chitral is doing well then why not Booni college? Simple answer is the non serious and non professional approach of the Principal.Secretary Education has to take serious notice of the sorry state of affairs of the college and the principal be made accountable for all the mess.

  3. All the problems of Govt College Booni are outcome of the principal. Principal of the college is disinterested in the matter of college and remained out of college for several days which result such issues. College also has huge amount of fund which can be used for meeting these issues like furniture and staff selection on local contract basis, principal is not interested in resolving these issues as a result students protest on the road. Every year Higher Education Department allocate huge amount for purchase of furniture but still students complain deficiency of furniture is also a matter which is surprising. KP PTI govt introduced Teaching Assistant to bridge gap of staff in govt colleges but Booni College Principal refused Teaching Assistants which resulted staff deficiency in the college. If all the teaching assistant accepted by the principal there would not deficiency of staff in the college.

  4. Wonderful idea to keep booni road. The people in lower encourage the students to keep the road closed atleast for 10 days,preferably every month. That will help to reduce pressure on hospitals. No rush in bazar and in other public places.. Geo Booni students

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