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  1. Good idea by Saif and nice info by Basharat.As they say a journey of 1000 km is started with a single step. Keen up the good work.

  2. sure dear lal..the group I am talking about has 1k members,almost 900 are Chitrali ..I have added all those whom I knew,major chunk of these are students and remaining are professionals.But again I am bit weak nowadays towards the group because of semester system 🙂

  3. Thank you all who have commented, precious ideas and well received. The only problem I see in just opening up a fb page is that you don’t know who is your target audience; the information goes to everyone (though relevant people can gather info from there) and most of the time it becomes a general page for discussion on numerous topics and it loses its purpose. I have just floated an idea; the youngsters are more intelligent, focussed, talented and hardworking than my generation; it would be good to have more views on this. A little clarification here, I won’t be able to manage the page or forum, someone amongst the students have to do it, we will contribute as I don’t want to be seen as someone hungry for publicity here; God Almighty has given me everything, it is just that when I reflect upon my own student life I realise that career guidance and counseling was not even there in the distant thoughts of our teachers and elders likewise. If a proper guidance is provided at all the stages of a student life; getting into a respectable career would become easier.

  4. Dear Sir,
    A very excellent idea and initiative…..it is very easy. Just open a page on facebook and share all the information related to career guidance, career opportunities, university admissions and other information which u want to share with Chitrali guys.
    Many thanks
    Zahir Ali

  5. I have a group over facebook.since last two years on my personal efforts i am roviding some details of jobs,scholarships ,admission datelines and we disscuss issues over there..it is named career options and admission guidelines..
    If individuals will share few of their spare time,share news in different fields with a single click ovwr share,this will be better environment for learning!

  6. Well, sir something in my personal experience compelled me to write on it. after reading this beautiful peace , i was able to scrutinize ; what was the reason , i missed a precious year during my academic carrier. whn i heard of my poor result in F.s.c, the information gathered towards my future was almost dark and impossible. at last i stood with a decision to go for improvement because according to the sources it was like a ”wild goose chaise” to enter Islamia college university Peshawar with 67 percent result. the next year i went there to highlight my luck with the same result and i got the opportunity to start my carrier without any pending. surprisingly the man with 67 percent was among on the top at the door. though something is nt relevant to your peace but we are not only lack of counselling but are from information’s too. for me, there are still many , they face problem to gather information and guidance related to their future.

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