Small house in Gahiret village set to receive VVIP

File photo[/caption] During his stay in Chitral, Nawaz Saharif is expected to land at this helipad at Gahiret to visit the house of one of his old servants, said PML-N Chitral president and former MPA Saeed Ahmed while talking to ChitralToday on phone on Tuesday. He said the wedding ceremony of the servant was earlier scheduled to be held today but that event was postponed due to some domestic reasons. But even then the prime minister has expressed his desire to visit the house and inquire about the health of the ailing father of his servant. The PML-N leader said this showed the love of the prime minister for the people of Chitral. Mr Ahmed said the local chapter of the PML-N had been updating the prime minister about the development works launched in Chitral through funds provided by the federal government and the people’s gratitude for the ruling party. He said it was unprecedented that a prime minister of the country is visiting a district for the third time in a year. He said Mr Sharif would be briefed on the progress of work on the mega Lowari tunnel and other projects. Many of the announcements he had during his two visits last have been implemented while others are yet to be completed. We will also put forward some other demands for the overall betterment of e people of Chitral, he added. He said the prime minister would be requested about the inclusion of Chitral in the CPEC project and the construction of the Tajikistan road. The PML-N leader said that the people of Chitral were for keenly waiting to welcome the prime minister. In reply to a question, he said thousands of people would gather at the polo ground to listen to the PM. Sources said 10,000 chairs were being arranged at the venue of the public gathering. The prime minister would reach Chitral and after addressing the public gathering would visit the Lowari tunnel on way back to Islamabad.]]>

5 Replies to “Small house in Gahiret village set to receive VVIP”

  1. His remarks regarding chitralies is more attractive than promises he made,,, that chitralies could not understand and speak urdu……….

  2. Nice to hear of it,we hope this visit must be fruitful for Chitralis and Mr.Nawaz Sharif should make some attrative announcement for the people of chitral.

  3. This is great news that PM visiting AAM ADMI house in chitral and celebrating the events with great Chitrali peoples, he is the one who visit Chitral two times in recent past.
    Thank you PM we are looking forward for a good announcement for the betterment of Chitral.
    As we have seen the container khan who also visiting chitral for doing nothing.
    Manzoor Shah.
    Mastuj Youth Movement(MYM)

  4. No harm visiting his personal employees house to encourage him, but he should visit as Nawaz Sharif at his own expense and not as and not Prime Minister of Pakistan on state expense.

  5. Great news for the poor chitralis, the future of chitral will be changed with the construction of mega Roads, like shandur etc. thanx allot in advance PMLN.

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