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Is Nawaz coming to Chitral to see govt's failure?

A temporary bridge was built by army which was unsafe. People demanded a proper bridge be built but it looks like the authorities and political leaders have lost their senses. Few months ago, while travelling to Kosht five lives were lost as the vehicle ended up falling in the river due to the collapse of the bridge. Whose fault was it?  Was it a natural death or due to the carelessness of the authorities?  Do the authorities feel guilty?  Has any legal action been taken so far?  The answer seems to be No. Nothing has happened.  No feel of remorse, no sense of responsibility and no justice.  A dog dying hungry on the bank of the River Euphrates makes Umar (R.A) feel guilty of dereliction from his duty.  What would the judiciary in Chitral, Peshawar or Islamabad courts feeling about what’s happening in our country while they are there to give justice to the people.  It’s not about being Muslim rather it is about humanity.   Do they feel guilty for failing to give justice? If they believe in life after death, do they fear God asking them about their duties in the world and how they fulfilled them? Now, I hear again that PM Nawaz Sharif is visiting Chitral. Why is he going there? to see his failure or to make fun of KP government’s failure?, to see how many people died due to road accidents, low quality health facilities, falling from bridges, suicide due to no jobs or injustice? Or killings of Kalash people? or a Chitrali woman brutally killed recently in Kohat? and many more. Winter is approaching, no construction work can be carried out in winter.  It’s not helping the people whether funds for the bridge have been approved or tenders or bids in final stages or the PM has directed notifications as we see everyday on media.  It is an emergency need, thousands of people are effected and it needs to be done on emergency basis. Why should it take years to get the funds approved? Should I believe that government is doing well? I see copies of official notifications shared by our respected MNA or MPAs which are highly appreciable but it has been more than a year I see notifications only describing PM’s or CM’s directions on paper being shared on face book, when will the real work start and get done on time, no one knows.   Huge respect for IK for his tireless efforts in struggling to bring change in our country but is his party delivering according to his expectations in KPK? If one bridge takes one and half year to get tendered, approved and start construction than I would say his government lacks efficiency. Five people died due to collapse of that particular bridge in Kosht and I am pretty sure that on one including PM, CM KP or IK even know about that incident. I request the educated people of Chitral, to stand up and tell the PM about the real issues faced by the people, instead of showing extreme level of hospitality and graciousness and hesitation to demand what you need. PM is not any spiritual leader that he is there so that you can do his ‘Deedar’. He is visiting Chitral to see the quality of governance there and if you don’t demand your needs, you don’t expect any good. People of Kosht also need to attend the Jalsa and demand construction of the bridge on emergency basis. May God give the capability to our leaders to serve the people.]]>

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    Good article… well done.

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