Dust rising from mountain makes life miserable

dust copySoon after the October 2015 quake, boulders started slipping down the mountain in the south of Reshun on the Lon village side blocking the Chitral river for hours. Though falling of stones has stopped the mountain seems to have become so shaken and fragmented that with the blow of even a slight wind, dust rises from its surface and engulfs the surrounding villages. The continuous dust from the hill has created an unending problem for the residents of the area. A light blow of the wind makes the whole environment dusty and people have to use masks after every single minute. Showgram, Zait, Reshun and Lon are the villages which have been severely affected. Besides affecting human lives, the dust is also damaging trees and other greenery in its vicinity. People of the area have expressed concerns over the phenomenon and said the dust would cause different diseases in their villages. The residents said those already suffering from dust allergy, asthma and other respiratory diseases were affected the most.  The residents of the affected villages appealed to the authorities concerned to help them in coping with the situation.]]>

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