Judicial probe into girl's suicide demanded


CHITRAL: Human rights activist and PML-N Chitral spokesman Niaz A. Niazi Advocate has demanded a judicial inquiry into the recent suicide by a private college student in the Laspur valley. The Intermediate class female student died after consuming poison as she failed to get justice in a case she lodged against a watchman of the GHS Harchin for allegedly trying to rape her in December 2015. The local police have now arrested the accused man but Mr Niazi said he was not satisfied with the police probe. He said that the IGP and the DPO Chitral should constitute a special team to find out the actual circumstances that led the girl to kill herself. He said every year scores of young women lost their lives and the police close the cases on the statements of their parents declaring them suicide. He said there was a need to probe such cases to ascertain if any of the women were killed for honour or over any other reasons by their relatives. He said that if the police did not order a special investigation in the latest case, the chief justice of the Peshawar High Court would be requested to order a judicial inquiry. He said it was the responsibility of the state to provide justice to the widowed mother of the deceased girl.]]>

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