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AKU-EB results: girls consistently make Pakistan proud!

KARACHI: Girl students have produced excellent results in the SSC part 1 exam conducted under the AKU-EB board.

The overall passing rate for SSC Part I has been 85.5 per cent with 46.7 per cent of candidates scoring ‘A’ grade and above. Meanwhile, the overall passing rate for SSC Part II was 88.8 per cent with 55.6 per cent of candidates obtaining ‘A’ grade and above.

Alina Fatima from the Al-Murtaza School, Karachi and Hira Naz from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh (Chitral, KPK) scored 93.36 per cent and secured the first position for the Secondary School Certification (SSC). Alina also gained the second position in the elective subjects of the Science Group along with Ali Mehdi from IBA Community College, Khairpur.

“Although I was expecting good grades but it is really exciting to be an AKU EB position holder from a remote area like Lutkoh, Chitral. I am aware that it is a challenge for females to get good education but I would like to thank my parents for their support and efforts. In the AKU EB system we learn how to apply our learning in daily life which makes us confident about our knowledge. In the future I want to be a Neurologist. I am also eager to do philanthropic work in under privileged areas of country.” – Hira Naz.

The performance of my student Hira Naz has doubled my self-confidence, confidence on my team, students and parents. We highly appreciate the support and coordination from AKU EB in every aspect. The trainings provided by AKU EB are of high quality and prepare teachers for a higher level of teaching and learning.-  Bibi Sultana, Principal AKHSS Kuragh, Chitral.

“AKU EB has made wonderful efforts in raising the quality of education and assessment across the country. Getting the overall first position in SSC at the country level is a great achievement by Hira Naz which has made the Chitral proud. This is a great milestone achieved by a talented student form the remote area of Lutkoh, Chitral.” – Dr Inayatullah Faizi, an Educationist and Writer.

Ruhaina Nadeem from Nasra School (Malir Campus) secured the second position for SSC with a score of 93.18 per cent. Shehla Tanveer from Maryam Siddiqa Girls Higher Secondary School, Chenab Nagar (Punjab) and Maryam Ihsan from Nusrat Jahan Academy Girls High School, Chanab Nagar (Pubjab), scored the third position in SSC with a score of 92.6 per cent. Maryam also gained first position in the elective subjects of the Science Group.

Komal Fatima from Habib Girls’ School, Karachi, secured the first position in elective subjects of the Humanities Group secured first position in the electives of the SSC Science Group. “I congratulate the entire AKU EB team for their efforts in preparing our youth for a better tomorrow. The guidance and professional support provided by them to the teachers across disciplines is promoting a focused and meaningful teaching learning context. I would also like to congratulate the Class of 2016, their parents and teachers on the outstanding performance in AKU-EB’s SSC 2016 Examinations.” – Tasneem Shabbar Zaidi, Director, Al Murtaza School Network, Karachi. 

The first position in the Higher Secondary School Certification (HSSC) has been secured by Areej Al Medinah from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karimabad, Karachi. She did not only achieve the overall first position in HSSC with 91.63 per cent but also gained second position in the elective subjects of the Pre-Engineering group.

“Gaining an education as a part of AKU EB was a challenge in itself, but never a difficulty. With AKU EB’s application, understanding and knowledge scheme discouraging the route system, we have been successfully instilled with the ability to comprehend and tackle real life problems and issues. I am delighted to see females dominating the positions this year as well. We are definitely well prepared for higher education and for the betterment of Pakistan” – Areej Al Medinah.

The second position holder for HSSC, Areeba Muhammad scored 91.36 per cent. She also gained the first position in the elective subjects of the Pre-Engineering Group. Fatima Muhammad Asad from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karimabad, Karachi secured the overall third position in HSSC with a score of 91.27 per cent. She also stood third in the Pre-Medical elective subjects. HSSC group-wise position holders for elective subjects include Duaa Ahmed from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karimabad, Karachi and Mohammad Ghazanfar Sakrani from Habib Public School (Commerce), Areeba Altaf from Habib Girls School (Humanities), Abdul Manan from Nasir Higher Secondary School, Chenab Nagar (General Science) and Simran Kumari from Habib Girls School (Pre-Medical).

“Establishment of Higher Secondary Schools and introduction of AKU EB has set a new milestone in the AKES,P journey. The quality of secondary school graduates from AKU EB has been a real source of satisfaction and confidence for communities across Pakistan.” – Aien Shah, Head of Academics, Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan. This year the passing rate for HSSC Part I is 86.6 per cent with 45.1 per cent candidates scoring ‘A’ grade and above.

The passing rate for HSSC Part II is 84.5 per cent with 47.5 per cent candidates obtaining ‘A’ Grade and above. “It is a well-known fact that assessment drives learning. The desired goal of education globally is the development of learners’ knowledge and skills to prepare them for the future and make them effective members of their society. Assessment practices introduced by AKU EB aims to re-frame the current scenario that also contributes to the development of global citizens for Pakistan.” – Dr Naveed Yusuf, Associate Director Assessments, AKU EB.

16 Replies to “AKU-EB results: girls consistently make Pakistan proud!”

  1. Chitral is considered one of the paradises for corruption, some decades ago, Kabul was a famous place, there was a eminent idiom that “har kas kabul nami rawad,ki mi rawat pas nami ayad” means it is not easy for everyone to go to Kabul, if someone goes never return. In that time ambassadors of different countries were very enthusiastic to work in Kabul, they were willing to reduce their salaries for proceeding to Kabul. Now, same situation is with Chitral, people from down country are very keen to work in Chitral and they are giving bribes and using references for their posting to Chitral. There is a true example, a girl student in down country, tells her class fellows in school that her father is working in Chitral and bringing briefcases full of rupee notes. Now question arises here, where the money comes from? Of course, it is collected through embezzlement of development funds or by taking bribes from innocent Chitralis. Unfortunately no one takes notice and raise voice against the corruptions. Everyone is enthusiastic to criticize the AKDN institutions. The sad news published in today’s newspapers about the demise of younger son of Mr. G.H. Farouqi, the death was due to mishandling of operation in renowned government owned hospital in Peshawar, but I am sure, very few people will pass comments against this incidence. If it had happened in any AKDN owned hospital, everyone would jump in to the discussion to criticize AKDN and they would be protests and agitations against AKDN. Criticizing should be for every mismanagement but should not be restricted to AKDN or any particular organization.
    Let me to quote few live examples hare.
    a. Black-toping of Booni-Mastuj road was tendered and showed as a completed project in papers, whole cost of the project was withdrawn by the contractors but in practical a single feet of the road is not completed. Ex MPA Mr. Ghulam Muhammad had initiated inquiry against the embezzlement but no single person of Chitral has raised his voice against this embezzlement.
    b. Shoghore-Singore irrigation channel was started about 12 years ago, after few months, the project was stopped, there was embezzlement of funds by the non local heads of the project implementing department and work on the project is not yet initiated again. 20km Chitral-Garumchashma road was badly damaged (not yet rehabilitated) due to this project, no case was initiated against the individuals who were involved in the embezzlement of funds. No single and brave individual has demanded for the punishment of the individuals who were involved in the embezzlement.
    c. Bypass road of Chitral bazzar was initiated about 4 years ago, completion timeline, as shown in the tender documents was 12 months but road was not completed till last year, every individual who is living in the surroundings of the bypass road or visiting Chitral bazzar had suffered badly. No protest was launched and no demand for inquiry was raised by the people of Chitral.
    Here I would like to ask the commentators like Mr. Sultan Wazer, Mr. Shakeel Durrani and others, why their criticism is restricted to AKDN institution and why not they raise voices for the embezzlements of other government departments? Funding to AKDN institutions is through foreign donations but government owned departments are getting funds from the public money raised through taxes and other internal sources, everyone pays tax directly or indirectly and has right to ask for the mismanagement of such public funds.

  2. in india and Pakistan girls are on top ,good luck bad days for ladla boy of mummy papap are coming.boys keep up one weeling and raundies on girls school and col. asia rule the world means Asian girls rule the world

  3. I dont undertand why the new comers in politics are trying to policitize even a small news item on the AKU results. I would suggest to Mr Khan to please first land in Chitral and see the situation on ground and then comment on things. Its easy to comment on the failures of AKRSP by siting in your cozy drawing room in Lahore or Karachi. First, please tell us about the achivements of the customs/ Tax department in which you have served??

  4. Brother Sultan Wazir: Its sad to see you reducing AKRSP to a petty organisation and attributing qualities which we generally seen in the public sector to it. It may have not been the perfect organisation but it has certainly done a reasonably good job. PEDO advertised its hydro projects in Chitral. AKRSP applied for it and no one else did. It won the contract on merit through a transparent and open process. What is wrong with this?. Even the best organisation cannot perform with the demands PEDO makes on them. I also don’t agree with you that the problems of PEDO are recent. Let’s not blame the present incumbents alone. Brother, please also talk about leadership in Chitral. How many of the leaders go out and see any of these projects. They have a large community component where communities have to give land and contribute labour. Do the leaders motivate the community at time or is their role only to sit and criticize everyone else?
    Similarly, where are contractors going to come from. There are hardly anyone who can compete for the contracts and do a decent job. Similarly, why is it that on most projects labour is coming from Central Punjab or Dir. Are the Chitralis so rich that the locals cannot even pick up stones now. These are issues which leaders would address. But no one will do it because criticizing is easy and providing leadership is difficult. I hope you prove to be a different leader. But the signs are no good.

  5. Dear Editor, through Chitraltoday, I want to convey my deepest congratulations and immense admiration to the students of AKHSS Kuragh and Seenlasht for their wonderful perforce in the recent examinations held by the Aga Khan Examination Board.
    I also congratulate the teachers and school management of both these schools for their tremendous contributions towards making these schools quality educational institutions and thus making us proud of them.
    It is my wish and prayer that these, and others educational institutions, in Chitral, become a model of academic excellence throughout Pakistan. Let us hope that one day Chitral, along with peace and tolerance, will also become known for its well-educated inhabitants and quality academic institutions.
    Once again congratulations to the students, teachers and school-management. Please keep up the wonderful work.
    SR Khan Torkhowechi.

  6. This is with reference to brother Sultan Wazir and PEDO projects. The brother has had a long career in government service and knows what it is like to work with the Pakistan bureaucracy. PEDO project is funded by the government department. Its more than two years since the projects started but funds are not released on flimsy ground( he is aware what) and there are delays. Even projects which are completed months ago are not handed to the community because the relevant law does not exit. He must also be aware that the condition for selecting contractors is also very rigid. Moreover there is a realisation that there are very few contractors in Chitral with the required qualification and can also provide securities. This also delays work. Indeed it would have been good if the ngos had also invested in producing contractors in the past rather than training communities because its seems the government and donrs now prefer to work with contractors than communities. Mr Wazir may also be informed that in Chitral PEDO only works with AKRSP and not other organisation so he has got his facts wrong

    1. Bhai Jaan. Shakil Durrani Sahab and some other members of the Board of Directors recently resigned from PEDO for the reasons known to all of us. Iam not here to criticize PEDO without valid reasons.Yes, I can understand all the problems narrated here. Non-existence of the relevant governing laws and rules, is very unfortunate. It is a clear manifestation of in-competence of the government of KPK. But a pertinent question here is that why PEDO is working with AKRSP in the absence of the relevent laws and the rules ? The AKRSP in Chitral has a track record of mismanagement, favoritism, nepotism, politicism and socio-economic corruption.

  7. Dear editor
    Through your esteemed online newspaper I would like to offer my deepest congratulate to Hira Naz Gulajab of Lotkhow, student of Aga School Girls Secondary School Kuragh for her excellent top result through out PAKISTAN in AKU-EB. Hira Naz we are proud on you. In Spite many difficulties in Chitral, your hard work paid off. Not only, but you have made Chitral proud also. On this happy occasion we also offer our utmost congratulations to the other brilliant students of Chitral and their parents for their excellent results . In addition,
    I congratulate the outstanding administrator, Mohtarma Sultana Burhanuddin (Principle of Aga khan Girls Secondary School Kuragh) for her amazing work in bringing forth this school to the top level.
    When I look at the performances and outdoor activities of this school, it reminds me of the first ever Islamic University in the map of the world,The Al Azhar in Egypt and Aligarh Muslim University ,India.Inshallah this school will be the second Al Azhar in Chitral in coming days and will be an educational, spiritual and ethical bridge among the communities in Chitral.
    In the end, also, congratulations to Brigadier (rtd) Mr Khosh Mohammad Khan, the MD of Aga Schools Chitral for achieving first grade performing school in Pakistan (Aga Khan Girls School Kuragh) under his remarkable and tirelessly leadership.
    Gul Jee
    Richmond Hill Canada

  8. How some people are trying to please their former bosses after serving in different positions and that too hardly for few years. We also know what these people want to say to their former bosses who had appointed them through one way or another by violating merit. I remember a lot of people had completed their masters in economics from Peshawar university but an individual was hired by a former AKRSP regional programme manager for looking after his ailing relative at a hospital in Peshawar. This has been the state of MERITOCRACY in AKRSP for the last over 30 years.
    Why Sultana Burhanuddin failed to deliver when she was in AKRSP because she had no backing. When she was given an opportunity she proved that she is far better than those who have hijacked AKRSP on the basis of ‘rishtadari’. The whole organization is being run by a powerful mafia. These people have an easy excuse to befool people and this is: the clerics are against AKRSP. In fact, they accuse molvis to save their own jobs. There is no molvi in upper Chitral. Can any of the former AKRSP boss tell us why AKRSP failed there? These reports published by any organizations whether World Bank, IMF or any other institution, are nothing but white lies as they have equally failed to ensure transparent use of donors’ money.
    My suggestion to the people of Chitral is to join hands in exposing these people who have been befooling them for the last three decades in the name of their so-called socioeconomic development. The bank accounts of both former and serving AKRSP employees should be audited. I am 200 percent sure that these NGO walas are more corrupt than the politicians. There is no change in the lives standard of the people but these AKRSP officials have managed to build properties in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and other major cities.

  9. Through this esteemed online I would like to congratulate the entire team and leadership of AKHS schools Chitral for their excellent performance in the recent AKUEB annual exams, especially that of AKHSS Kuragh under the leadership of my reverent sister Ms. Sultana Burhanuddin. I must sincerely acknowledge the tireless efforts of entire team of AKHSs Chitral for bringing up our future generation. My congratulations to our genius daughter Hira Naz for her outstanding performance in the AKUEB.
    Nevertheless, I would also like to respond to respected Mr. Durrani and Mr. Khan for diverting the discussion away to a complete different side of the story. Since I am a proud former employee of AKRSP and a former staff member of United Nations, therefore, I know and I can compare the achievements of AKRSP to that of any other contemporary development organizations not only in Pakistan but also globally. AKRSP had two major objectives at the time of its inception in 1982 i.e doubling the per capita income in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral and creating a replicable rural developing model for Pakistan and globally. AKRSP achieved both its objectives just within its initial ten years. One can now see the AKRSP model in the form of ten Rural Support Programms across Pakistan (, in India ( Central Asian Countries, Afghanistan and African countries eg. Keyna Tanzania etc. There are whole lots of books, journal articles, donor reports, documentaries and independent evaluations that speak volume about the achievements of AKRSP. The World Bank carried out a series of independent evaluations ( of AKRSP— in 1986, 1989, 1995 and 2002 and concluded AKRSP to be a highly successful and innovative rural development organizations in terms of achieving its objective of poverty reduction.
    The development professionals of AKRSP are highly regarded among the development community for their technical capacity, integrity, hard work and innovation. One such example, Mr. Durrani quoted here, is that of the leadership of Ms Sultana who herself is an ex employee of AKRSP.
    No organization or institution is 100% perfect and AKRSP is no exception; minor deficiencies are possible in any organization. Without thorough research and understanding the context, generalizing a single instance as an indicator of success or failure is not advisable. Let’s discuss it if one has any innovative development solution and make a case for the development partners instead of pointing to random instances.

  10. “If I were a former employee of the AKRSP, I would have jumped into river Chitral. Those who plundered the donors money which poured in during the last 30 years through AKRSP should be given exemplary punishment and declared traitors of Chitral as they did nothing for the area.” These are the words of a commentator, Mr Shakil Durrani. AKRSP is using the name of Chitral for getting donations. Therefore, every Chitrali has a right to question about the receipt of donations and its utilization. It is a failed organization in all respects. It has been used to promote family politics in Chitral. It is now associated with the SRSP in the execution of small Hydel Projects of PEDO in Chitral. None of the projects completed on time. Revising of project estimates and changing of contractors is a common feature of all the PEDO projects in Chitral. The AKES school at Kuragh and Sinlasht are doing well. I appreciate Ms.Sultana Burhanuddin for her excellent works and congratulate her. I also congratulate Hira Naz on her excellent performance. The former bosses of the AKRSP Chitral must reply to Shakil Durrani’s comment.

  11. Wish if AKRSP could have worked with the same zeal and zest for the uplift of the area, Chitral would have turned into a paradise. But alas, it is very unfortunate to see some people trying to act as if they find no chance to serve the valley in any capacity. If I were a former AKRSP employee I would have jumped into river Chitral to see the contribution a small school like Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Koragh to improve the quality of education in the area.
    Things changed within no time. But why? Because the school has an honest, hardworking principal like Sultana Burhanuddin. The fact is that this brave lady even does not hesitate to clean the floor of her school.
    I have personally seen Ms Sultana washing the classrooms of her school when Brig (retd) Khush Muhammad took over as general manager, saying the military personal are very disciplined people and this is the reason I want to prove that we, the AKHSS are also a disciplined civilian organization.
    She proved her worth and I am sure the AKES will also acknowledge her dedication. It would not be wrong if I may say that she is the “Bilquees Edhi” of Chitral, who serves her school with full honesty and dedication.
    I would like to repeat that those who plundered the donors’ money which poured in during the last 30 years through AKRSP should be given exemplary punishment and declared traitors of Chitral as they did nothing for the area. And now they come here with their mouths open to congratulate me. Shame!!If you people had some shame, some conscience, you would have done something for the uplift of the area. Pls stay away from, we hate you.

  12. Hearts and eyes glee with excellent resuts of HSS Kuragh. Bravo you made All of us proud.Shabaash to Sultana and her brave faculty, Thanks for excellent leadership and mentoring. Keep it up, God is with you. We expect The public and private sector education systems to follow suit in The best interest of The nation.

  13. Congratulations to Hira Naz for the meritorious academic performance in AKU board exam.Your this brilliant success is by the sheer dint of your hardwork and conducive learning and working environment in both AKHSS and the hostel facilities provided over there. Chitral is really a land of great talents and our students have proved their metals in different walks of life in Pakistan and abroad.Our students also qualify the admission tests of AKHSS Karachi.The competitive edge of AKHSS Karachi is that students throughout the country apply for limited seats over there having a multi cultural background and diversity but AKHSS Karachi does not provide hostel facilities for its students coming from far flung areas of Pakistan.The CEO AKESP is requested to look in to the matter.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Development consultant Chitral

  14. I can not express my true feelings of happiness over the marvelous performance of AKHSS Kuragh. My heartiest congratulations and shabash for my brilliant student Hira Naz, School Principal Bibi Sultana, the entire faculty, all the students of AKHSS Kuragh, the parents and the people of Chitral. The school has as well gained the top position in the list of AKU-EB schools. Really wonderful. Keep it up. I appreciate my entire AKES’P Central Team for their outstanding support to our efforts in providing quality education in remote Chitral valley. God bless.

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