PTI senator finds DHQ hospital in a mess

Samina Abid[/caption] Senator Samina Abid, who is in Chitral on the special directives of senior party leadership to take stock of PTI provincial government performance, visited the DHQ hospital along with deputy commissioner Chitral Osama Ahmad Waraich and found things in a mess. Talking to ChitralToday on phone from Chitral, Senator Samina said she was shocked to see the dilapidated condition of the hospital and that too purely due to poor management of medical superintendent and the district health officer (DHO). Ms Samina said she had plainly told the deputy commissioner to tighten the noose around the doctors who were playing with the lives of people by not paying any heed to the cleanliness of the hospital.

We’ll not allow this [negligence]…I don’t care whether they’re related to me as what I want is: best health facilities to the patients. I’ve told the DC to take them to task if an MS or a DHO has no capacity to run a hospital properly.
Senator Samina said she was ready to take up the issue with the chief minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan if there was a shortage of funds, adding what we witnessed today [at DHQ Chitral] was pure negligence, which she reiterated, was not acceptable. When asked about the role of the district administration, Senator Samina said she had assured full support to the deputy commissioner with directives to cleanse the hospital of the doctors who were good for nothing. “What’s the use of an MS if he has no capacity to ensure even the cleanliness of his hospital and let me say such doctors must switch to some other profession…luckily or unluckily both the MS and the DHO are Chitralis, and if this remained their performance, we’ll be left with no option but to take them to task,” she added. She also came down hard on Wapda officials for prolonged loadshedding in the district under one pretext or another. After speaking to senior Wapda officials about loadshedding, she added, she had decided to take up the matter in Senate standing committee for water and power. “The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) seems not serious about resolving the loadshedding issue in Chitral. I’ve been in Chitral for about 10 days now and I can understand how difficult it is without electricity. Let me take up the issue to the standing committee [and] I’m sure things will be alright,” she added.]]>

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  1. خلیل صاحب! تعجب کی بات ھے میں مخاطب محترمہ سے ھوا تھا لیکن آپ کس بات پے غصہ ھوگئے مجھے کچھ سمجھ نہیں آیا؟

  2. @ dr. Khalil.
    I shocked to read your comment. I tthink u dont read my comment.i never blame u in my comment. My question is from madam seanator not from u. My question is from the anti khalil lobby who oppose u. kindly , read my comment once again please.

  3. OK ..Sorry Saleem Bukhari and Anisu rehman.. The doctors in Chitral hospital are dirty, the MS is not working.. All the doctors should be transferred from Chitral immediately .. I never served in Chitral. All Chitralies are serving for free, i was only one working for salary.. you are very good hard working .. Well said Saminah of PTI not only doctors all chitralies are dirty, their houses their believes are dirty .. the doctors are not human being .. only Saleem, Shafiq and Anis Rehman are so nice ….. they are serving Chitral for free, they don’t take salary .. HAPPY every one now ??? Hell with your doctors and you Hospital and your Chitral …. keep your information updated about 7 Chitrali families living in Canada. At least one thing is tru about me , i use my real name and i am sure no of you has the courage to mention his real name and address ,, I am Dr. Khalil, resident of Jughoor Dawashish, i didi DVM from Lahore , Msc from and post graduate diploma from wageningen University and Barneveld College Netherlands , i got diploma in farm economics from Canada. My phone Number is 001 289 788 2823 .. my e-mail address is Now if you could not do the same you are using fake names because you know the consequences. Come on show courage, you call me from your number i will call you back. if you could not do that open to every reader of this note, you are a typical coward, backbiter and much more .. I am waiting for reply….

  4. میں ممتاذ بھائ کےساتھ اتفاق کروں گا.محترمہ!آپ کتنی مرتبہ چترال خیرخواھی کے لیے آئی ھیں؟. اود خدارا اس غریب قوم پر اور طنزاور مذاق نہ اڑاو. جو بھی ھےھم آپ جیسے خیرخواہ سے بے حسں ڈاکٹروں کے سا تھ بیہت ھیں. کم ازکم ئہ چترال مین بیٹھ کر ھمادی خد مت تو کر رھے ھیں.

  5. @Dr. Khalil
    Well done dr. My question from the opponents( anti- khalil & anti DHQ administartion), why you people raise your finger on DHQ regarding cleanliness; which is not the responsibilty of dr.s. The debriez spread by the patients not by dr.s. secondly i wonder on the vision of seanator madam , she never facilitate the DHQ and now object the administration. My second question is from the seanator about the performance of her party?

  6. @ Dr.Maha mir & mr.sultan wazir.
    Madam! First of all clear about your self wether you are a medical or philosophical Dr. If you are medicald dr.than i am really sorry about your pathetic statement about the teachnician of hospital laboratory. you are living in islamabad and also visited the PIMS hospital- one of the biggest hospital of capital. I know the condition of the Dr.s and the teachnician in their lab. If u don’t know kindly visit before objecting the DHQ chitral lab.

  7. Dr Khalil, you drew hefty salary for whatever you did for Chitral. You did nothing in free. So don’t try to declare yourself as Abdul Sattar Edhin of Chitral. If you had been so sincere you would not have dashed off to Canada. Why did u go to Canada? The answer is simple: for the sake of some dollars. Your love for dollars is more strong than your commitment to serve a Gujjur in a backward area like Chitral. You are not the only exception who send remittances to Pakistan as there are other Pakistanis who contribute more than what you send.
    Like MBBS doctors who took admission in medical colleges on seats reserved for Chitral, you also do not want to come to Chitral.

  8. This is with reference to our expatriate friend Dr Jhugur and his intellectual discussions on this page. We are grateful to all the Pakistani expatriates who send millions of dollars to Pakistan and make a difference to lives of thousands of Pakistanis. We also need to appreciate the government of Canada which gives refuge to many Pakistanis. Many of them work very hard to contribute to Canadian economy. Some of them dont work very hard but still get supported from welfare and unemployment benefits and are still kind enough to send a portion of that to Pakistan. And some it has been sadly reported even pretend that their families are divorced and claim additional benefits some of which they send to Pakistan. While we appreciate the first category we would appeal to the others not spoil our country;s image in Canada. This appeal is specially to some Chitralis who are bringing it a bad name.
    We would similarly point out that some people like Dr Niazi claim to be human right activists. We applaud human right activists. But in Chitral there are reports that human right activists have become blackmailers and use their position to blackmail organisations and take benefits from them. We would ask Dr Niazi to be very careful about such activists because as Canadians we contribute to their programmes and would point out the shortcoming in their work if they bring bad name to human right activist.
    Hanif Muhammad

  9. Bashir .. what did you do so far for Chitral sitting in there , can you tell us some of your public good activities. Is that more then my 16 years services with one and almost two years with another development organisation in Chitral. At the end, do you know what economic difference every doller sent by me or any one else brings in the economy of the country ???? Do you the what kind of changes the foreign reserves bring in the economy of country. Do you know where does the foreign reserve comes from ???

  10. A tit for tat.It is rather exposing the diseased mentality and psycho-social status of the commentator which does not change whether he/sh is settled in karachi or London.Instead of debating on a problem faced by the inhabitants of Chitral in terms of health facilities,either self- glorification point scoring or score settling become the moot. The one lives in the metropolis of our beloved homeland, the other in the fairy land of Canada(for some) both are nostalgic but cannot come to their birth place which is perhaps ridden with epidemics.let the readers enjoy their futile rebuttal.

  11. Dear Brother Malik, Asala Mu Alikoom Waramatullah.
    I went through your write up.You were supposed to ask anyone about me before bothering to write all that. First of all, i served you guys from Broghol, Merdin to Madaklasht for more then 16 years. I trained more than 350 livestock workers in the area, opened dozens of veterinary medicine stores in each each and every valley of Yarkhoon to ensure the timely availability of both medicine and basic veterinary services.
    As most of the Chumurkhan Gol belongs to Sardar Nawaz and his family, you may be one of his Qalangchi (leaser) if you are really a Gujar (by the way, Gujjars are much more respectable in southern Chitral particularly in Jughoor and Ayon). When i was serving in Chitral, I used to spend enough time on quarterly basis in the residence of brother Sardar Nawaz and Aziz Nawaz in Chapali. I can remember Mr. Ziarat Khan of Kargin, a livestock vaccinator trained by me and my team. I can also remember the people of the area used to give him tough time when it was time to pay him his honorarium for his job. When i left Chitral, because of the behavior of the people of area Ziarat Khan got mentally sick and another social activist in upper yarkhoon extending the same nature of services for the people of his area committed suicide, only because of disrespectful attitude of the people of Mastuj and yarkhoon.
    Currently my classmates of Veterinary University are serving as directors in livestock and dairy development department KPK. If the people of your area are ready to cooperate, i will call them to send professional veterinarians to your area but don’t expect everything for free.
    I don’t need to surrender my Canadian citizenship for 333 sheep in Chumurkhan Gol, I may do it for my Gujar brothers if they got in any real trouble because of my citizenship. You can go to AKRSP and ask for help as that is the organisation to solve your problems. yes! you may also request Sardar Nawaz Sahab (who is Hakeem of Chapali) who is my childhood friend and lives here in Canada close to me. He could make arrangements for my travelling to come there and serve the animals of his Qalangchees. The main reason behind is, neither can you nor me can do anything in Chumurkhan Gol without permission of Hakeems of Chapali, as big chunk of Chumurkhan belongs to them. If you need his address write back or call me on 001 289 788 2823. I appreciate your concern for sheep/goats each weighing 1.5 Kg, still the only source of livelihood in the area and suffering from diseases in your C.Gole (pasture).

  12. From Meherban Gujhar alias Malik Meherban, Chumarkhan Ghari, Upper Chitral
    To brother Dr Khalil of Jhagur currently Canada.
    I really enjoyed reading your posts by sitting at lushgreen grass of Chumarkhan surrounded by springwater and cattles. You will be surprised to see how a Gujjar can read English. In fact a group of youngsters have come here on picnic. They read out your post where you have criticized Chitrali doctors of not coming to Chitral by doing MBBS on local seat.
    But the thing which forced me request these youngsters to write a letter to you on my behalf is that at present we need a vet doctor as our animals were killed due to some epidemic. We begged the govt but it never sent a vet saying there is a shortage of veterinary doctors.
    There is no dearth of MBBS doctors as two MBBS doctors are now present here to spend their picnic but they cannot help my dying sheep, goat, chickens, donkey, dogs, etc.
    So the crux of the letter is that you are more dishonest than the doctors who are reluctant to come to Chitral after doing MBBS on seats reserved for Chitral. The people of Chitral especially we the Gujjar community are in need of a vet like you and not an eye specialist here in Chumarkhan.
    So brother Khalil if you are so sincere about Chitral pls surrender your Canadian nationality for the sake of these dying animals who are really in need of you.
    I promise I will treat you as a special guest – ta bech taten chira shapik koi, shetu ta piyer, khombokh chair lacher, duro don ta xhibeir, ronchiru taten kushim but pls surrender your Canadian nationality and say goodbye to queen of Canada to serve your people instead of becoming “guftar ka ghazi”.
    Your brother,
    Malik Meherban Gujjar
    From the hilltop of Chumarkhan.

  13. putting aside few exceptions like dr sami,dr ruknuddin etc,some of the doctors have proved merchants who are busy to fleece the poor by making them visit their clinics as during the duty hours they appear at ten o clock and get vanished after 1.00 pm. during these duty hours they advise numerous tests which the poor patients being unable to fulfil, have to take to their clinics. for major surgery operations the affluent have to travel to peshawer while the poor have either to apprach them through intercessors to get the patients operated in the govt hospital or have to manage for the expenditures of treatment in the down districts. in this way they have managed to erect palatial buildings in the town area which they deem will impress their fellow less fortunate humans.but in reality such stone hearted behaviour of the so called healers has earned them bad name. as they say, when one of these doctors, having completed his magnificent house asked the carpenter to suggest him the type of colour for painting his impressive edifice. the man retorted
    ” red colour will suit it as it has been accomplished with the blood of childern” the doctor got angry and showed him the door.I do not mean to malign all the doctors but these materialistic individuals have made the respectable profession of doctors disrespectful among the public. now the government has tripled the salaries of the doctors but because of no check and balance their behavior in terms of duties in the hospital has not changed.unless check is maintained on them through a full fledged monitoring system,the lot of the patients will remain the same.moreover,on the goverment level,lack of electricity along with modern instruments and diagnostic devices like mri, ct scan etc help the doctors absolve themselves of their responsibilities as healers of humanity. therefore pti govt should provide dhq hospital chitral with these devices and resources as a token of its sincerity with the masses of chitral.

  14. No doubt the health sector needs serious reforms, not only this single hospital. But the senator appearing like a magician out of nowhere is also very strange. The action can not be criticized but it could have been more effectively done by following a proper channel like through the health minister, health secretary etc. She is not really the concerned person who might be of significant help ! and she needs to understand her domain I think.
    Secondly how come so much mess was never ever noticed by the honorable and competent DCO of Chitral ? Did the senator also question him ? Or is it only the MS and DHO which were easy targets ?He did once start a cleanliness campaign, which is worth appreciating. But the problem is there are no follow ups of such initiatives. Why did the DCO have to wait for the Senator to visit the hospital ? He has enough staff to check the weight of samosas in Ramadan, why not cleanliness level of hospitals ?
    Thirdly, lets see how seriously this would be pursued further ?
    Fourthly, will the problems of the hospital like waste disposal machine etc will also be considered and addressed by the honorable senator or will she just kick out the staff and then rest .

  15. Don’t worry KHAN sab will arrange a donor conference to kill the cockroach in dirty wards of DHQ Hospital Chitral.

  16. Why the system doesn’t take action. Instead of personality.people,pulic,awam,government officials and public servants are afraid and scared from the personalites and they never respect the system.this is called feudal system. Until it is there,Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz.pakistan zindabad .we will always remind slogans,jab tak surij chand rehega Butto tera Nam rehega,nawaz Sharif zindadad,Imran Khan azim hai,islami Nizam nijad ka rasta hai,but when will everyone think how he or she could be self respected human being.

  17. Ba adab ba mulahiza. Hushiyar badsha salamat tashrif larahehie.curse the feudal system and mentality

  18. نیازی صاحب اپ نے بلکل سہی تجزیہ کیا ہے .. مسود الملک کی ہر بات پی-ٹی-ای کے عمران کلیے حرف اخیر ہے .. عمران خان بے چارے کو شاید اس بات کا علم ہی نہیں کہ چترال میں اس طرز کے بجلی گھروں کا تجربہ یہی مسعود الملک اے -کے -ار ایس پی میں ١٥ سال پہلے کر چکے ہیں .. بیوری سے لیکر یارخون تک سیکڑوں ایسے بجلی گھر بنا دئیے گئے تھے جن میں٩٥% کا نامو نشان بھی باقی نہیں رہا .. یہ وہ بجلی گھر ہیں جو بمشکل روشنی دیتی ہیں .. ان کا کوئی والی وارث نہیں ہوتا .. اجتماغی انتظام جس کو ورلڈ بنک ناکام قرار دے چکی ہے . کے تحت چلانے والے یہ بجلی گھر ٣-٤ سالوں میں، کمیتی کے اختلافات کی نظر ہوجاتی ہیں .. ہر فرد یہ سمجھ سکتا ہے کہ حکومت کے زیر انتظام چلنے والے بجلی گھر اتنے سارے عملے اکاؤنٹ وغیرہ کے باوجود بدنظمی کا شکار رہتی ہیں تو جہاں پولیس عدالت کی خدمت بھی حاصل رہتی ہیں تو ایک گاؤں کی کمیٹی کا کون سنے گا جس کے پاس کوئی قانونی حیثیت ہی نہ ہو .. اس سے پیدا کی گئی رقم کے لیے کمیٹی کس کو جواب دہ ہوگی ؟؟ انہی ووجوہاٹ کی بنا پر ١٥ سال پہلے بن جانے والے بجلی گھر ناپید ہو چکے ہیں

  19. I wish ager ‘her ghar se Bhutto ki bajaye Edhi nikle ga’ ka slogan hota we would have been far developed a nation instead of being exploited at the hands of people like Sultan Wazir, Niaz A Niazi, Dr Khalil and the so-called civil society who are yet to learn the ABC of civil society.
    If they had known a bit about civil society they would not have been used by MS and the DHO. Who does not know about the DHO and the MS. Both are appointed on pure sifarish. The MS is related to a prince from upper Chitral.
    And Dr Noorul Islam, his predecessor has challenged in Peshawar High Court. Can the so called civil society activists ask who distributed the official laptops among his children. Go and ask the DHO. If ensuring cleanliness in the hospital is not the job of the MS, who else should do the needful.
    If Senator Samina, who happens to be related to both DHO and the MS, has warned them that if they failed to ensure the cleanliness they both will be shown the door. If this is what you don’t like be happy what you used to be about a century ago.
    Kuch sharam hoti he kuch haya hoti but unfortunately Chitralis are not familiar with either of them.
    I would request my sister Samina to stay away from these Chitralis kyonkeh yeh kuch aur kisam k makhluq hein. Let them.suffer as much as they can.

  20. پچھلے سال میں نے شوشپا اوغ کو لے کر اس ہسپتال کا ناگہانی دورہ کیا تھا تو ہر وارڈ کے ٹی-وی سٹیلت چینلز کے ساتھ چل رہے تھے .. شاید میرے دورے کا انتظامیہ کوپتہ چکا تھا ، اسلئے …… ارے بھائی ریٹائر ہوچکے ہو .. سنا اپ نے کس حیثیت میں دورہ کیا تھا ؟؟؟؟

  21. Exceptions are always there. About a month ago, I had a chance to visit the BHU at Shagram Torkhow. The doctor and his staff were all present there.I was really impressed both by the young doctor and his para-medical staff as well as the nursing staff. It was really amazing to see cleanliness of the hospital both from inside as well as the outside. The doctor told us that the BHU had all the necessory equipments of the latest model available. I took a view of all the aspects of this BHU, particularly the wash rooms. Everything was proper and neat and clean. However, TV sets were not available in the patient wards. Having said all that, it was painstaking to know that the Gynecologist of this hospital was transferred and no substitute gynecologist has been provided for quite a long time. This is a Tehsil Headquarter hospital and non-availability of a gynecologist to the people of this remotest area of Chitral, is a big question mark on the District Health Officer Chitral and the Agha Khan Health Services. They are running this hospital in a joint venture. Many female patients have reportedly died in Torkhow due to non-availability of a gynecologist in this hospital. Death of the daughter-in-law of a renowned Educationist Mir Ahmad Khan is the latest such incident in this hospital. We are at all praise for the present doctor and his staff for their excellent performance but condemn the District Health Administration and the Agha Khan Health Services for not providing a gynecologist to this hospital for such a long time. They are liable to disciplinary action for this negligence which caused a loss of the precious life of a young lady. Imran Khan should be equally punished by the people for misleading them by hollow slogans. He has proved to be the worst politician in the history of Pakistan.

  22. شرم انی چاہیے ان سب کو جنھوں نے تو خود چترال کلیے کچھ نہیں کیا اور ان پیشہ ور ڈوکتروں پر بھی انگلی اٹھا رہے ہیں جنھوں نے چترال کی خدمت میں پوری زندگی گزار دی .. خود تو چترال کے کالج کے بچوں کو پڑھانے پر اپنے ذاتی فوائد کو ترجیح دیکر چترال سے بھاگ نکلے .. کچھ ایسے ہیں جو چترال کی سیٹ پر ڈاکٹر بن کر کبھی چترال کا رخ ہی نہیں کیا آج ایک سیاسی عورت کی آواز میں آواز ملا کر اپنے ی خدمت گار ڈاکٹر بھائی بیٹوں کے خلاف تالیاں بجا رہے ہیں .. قصور ایم -ایس یا ڈی -ایچ- او کا ہو بھی سکتا ہے ،،،، لیکن باقی ڈاکٹر ہمارے نانا نانی ، ابو امی اور خالہ کے نسوار کے تھوک صاف نہیں کر سکتے … ڈاکٹرز کا کوئی کچھ نہیں بگاڑ سکتا .. کیوں کا ہم جیسوں کی خدمت کے لیے کوئی چترال نہیں ایے گا .. یہ دھمکی ایک دفعہ چیف سیکرٹری نے بھی دی تھی بلکہ پشاور میں چترالی ڈوکتروں کی ٹرانسفر کا آرڈر بھی نکالا تھا لیکن ان کے تمام آرڈرز کو ہر ڈاکٹر نے کینسل کرواکر اب بھی وہیں جاب کر رہے ہیں .. ہسپتال کی صفائی ڈاکٹر کا کام نہیں ہے جو مریض فرش پر تھوکتا ہے .. بستر گندہ کرتا ہے ، اس کے پاس بیٹھے ہوؤں کا کام ہے کہ فرش اور بستر صف کریں ….

  23. مخترمہ سنییٹر صاحبہ اگر دس دن اور ٹہھرنے کی زخمت کریگی تو اُن کو پتہ چل جائیگا کہ پی ٹی ۤئی کی حکومت نے صحت کے علاوہ سڑکوں کی تمعیر ،ابنوشی،ابپاشی اور دیگر شہری مسائل کو کس طرح حل کیا ہے؟ اس کے علاوہ اُن کو محکمہ تعلیم میں بھی نام نہاد اصلاحات اور کامیابیاں نظر ۤائیگی۔اُن کو دیگر محکموں میں کرپشن پر صوبائی حکومت نے کتنا قابو پایا ہےوہ بھی نظر ۤائیگی۔جہاں تک لوڈ شیڈنگ کے بارے میں سینیٹر صاحبہ نے اپنی تشویش کا اظہار کیا ہے اس بارے میں سینیٹر صاحبہ کو ۔یاد دلانا چاہتا ہوں کہ ریشن بجلی گھر اور شیشی بجلی گھرصوبائی حکومت کے ماتحت ۤاتے ہے،اس کے علاوہ ٹاون کو بجلی مہیا کرنے کی ذمہ داری ایس ار ایس پی نے لی تھی ۔ایس ار ایس پی صوبائی حکومت ، وزیراعلیٰ پرویز ختک اور عمران خان کے چہیتی ہے ۔ذرہ سینیٹر صاحبہ اپنے بھائی مسعود الملک صاحب سے پوچھے کہ اُنہوں نے صوبائی حکومت کی طرف سے بھاری بھرکم فنڈ وصول کرنے کے بعد ٹاون کے بجلی کے مسئلے کا کیا حل نکلا ہے؟

  24. There is electricity in the air without paying attention to the root cause which is the non availability of funds and incompetence of the provincial government.
    Every body is trying to shake off his dirt upon health professionals district offices who deserve the tribute of nation for providing optimum health care under such pathetic conditions.
    PTI government has succeeded in improving the functionality of some tertiary health care facilities but has terribly failed to improve the bizarre shapes of THQs and DHQs and to address the grievances of merginalized segments of the community.

  25. یہ محترمہ ہوش میں معلوم نہیں ہوتیں۔ ہسپتال صوبائی حکومت کے محکمہ صحت کا ادارہ ہے۔ اگر ہسپتال کی حالت واقعی خراب ہے تو وہ سیدھے ڈی جی ہیلتھ اور سیکرٹری ہیلتھ کو کیوں نہیں کہہ دیتیں۔ ڈی سی کا اس میں کیا کردار ہے۔ نہ وہ کسی کو ٹرانسفر کر سکتے ہیں اور نہ کسی کے خلاف کاروائی کر سکتے ہیں۔ لگتا ہے کہ پی ٹی آئی والوں کی رسائی ڈی سی سے اوپر نہیں ہے۔

  26. A divine help from GOD. Madam Senator has rightly noticed the burning issue of lowest quality of our hospitals. Cleanliness situation in all public sector facilities are the same. If this is the cleanliness situation at DHQ hospital Chitral, imagine what would be the cleanliness situation at THQs. Just recently I had a chance to take my ailing relative to one of THQs in Upper Chitral. The cleanliness situation was awful there despite a medical doctor and nursing staff on duty. We could not find a space for the patient to sit and to get medical care, but to shift her to a nearby private medical facility 15kms away. It was happening in front of the eyes of doctors and other health professionals. I wonder what advises they would give if they come across such filthy, unhygienic hospital. In the past people used to attribute cleanliness with doctors and nurses, but now things are up side down.
    I humbly urge PTI govt to form monitoring system like as education to look into these matters, so that better services are rendered to the community. And I also urge local administration and tehsil council to pay surprise visits to public facilities especially hospitals both private and public to ensure that acceptable facilities are in place for communities to use.
    One can not deny the vital role which community can play in this regard. Community must come forward and take action especially the civil society.

  27. Well done, this was need of the day; the Lab of DHQ Hospital is also in pathetic condition. The under metric class 4 staffs are performing lab testing, and the competent and well qualified staffs are posted in far-flung areas as they have no political affiliation. I myself witness this in my recent visit to chitral. The MS is less caring about hospital.
    Dr. Maha Mir

  28. I am grateful to Senator Samina Abid for highlighting the pathetic condition of the DHQ Hospital Chitral. Senator Samina can better imagine the condition of other hospitals located at the remote areas of Chitral. It is very kind of the respectable Senator to expose the incompetence and in-efficiency of the health sector of the PTI government in KPK. Honorable senator is an eye witness of all the dirt and dust at the District Headquarters Hospital Chitral. She has also witnessed the miseries of the Chitral public due to non-availability of electricity in Chitral town. The honorable Senator must have travelled by air to and from the Chitral town. If she had travelled by road from DIR to the Chitral town, she would have witnessed the dilapidated condition of the roads and bridges on the way and imminent dangers to the scenic village of Ayun both from the waiting floods at Ayun Goal from the West and the hungry Chitral river from the North-East. Both are ready to destroy, inundate and completely annihilate the Ayun village from the picture of Chitral. The scenic Bumburet village of the KALASH VALLEY has been defaced by the floods of July,2015. Roads and bridges on the way to Kalash valleys have not been restored properly. The poor Kalash community has not recovered from the shock of the preceding years floods and have been protesting every next day but there is no one to listen to them. They are totally helpless and disillusioned. This year-2016s summer floods in the waiting, are having every likelihood to completely annihilate the people and the ever-existent unique Kalash culture from the sub-continent. The PDMA released Rs.470.890 million to the District Administration and its line departments in July-September,2015 for construction of roads,bridges, water supply, compensations, re-habilitations etc. Public has been kept at the complete darkness about the allocated funds released by the government. Public genuinely complains that they should have been informed about the allotted government money by the concerned governmental authorities as it is their Constitutional right under Article-19A of the constitution and the provisions of the KPK Freedom of Information Act, passed by the PTI government in KPK. Since Senator Samina is having a blood relation with Chitral and apparently concerned with the welfare of Chitral, therefore she is hereby exempted from political criticism on account of her party- PTI.I would request the Senator kindly to present the whole scenario before the Senate Standing Committee.And if not inconvenient, tell our Celebretee Khan, to make forensic audit of your slogans and the corresponding / commensurating achievements on ground with particular reference to the ” Hospital Reforms “.

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