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  1. Chitral and Gilgit are Peace-full cities, many foreigners visit these areas.
    Regarding NOC for chitral, there are some areas in chitral which need NOC, usually these are away from city and not much visited.
    There are 4*4 jeeps which run from gilgit to chitral and Ok to travel.
    for NATCO, visit their website and call them, as timing and fare may vary.
    the route from chitral to peshawar is safe, but in peshawar you should restrict yourself to safer areas.
    From Chitral maybe you get van(toyota Hiace)/coaster from chitral to Peshawar or you will travel from ‘chitral’ to ‘Dir’ first then from ‘Dir’ to ‘Peshawar’.
    (Option of Hiring a 4*4 jeep is always there for any route.)
    More, In July and august it is rainy season, so sometimes roads get blocked by landslides/floods, exact road/traveling conditions are confirmed by the time.
    Please keep visiting this website.
    You may start your thread there, and feel free to ask questions.
    local newspaper link is given here, you may visit this for road/flood conditions and other matters.

    1. Thank you very much for your answer and for the valuable information you have provided me, I am very grateful.
      Could you please tell me also the following:
      – Do I need a special permit to visit the Kalasha valleys? If so, it is difficult to get it, and could I get it in Chitral?
      – Is there any Kalasha festival in August? If so, which day is it? Is accommodation difficult to get during festivals?
      – From your information I conclude that I do not need a NOC (nor any special permit) to travel to Peshawar. Could you please confirm that to me?
      Thanks again for your reply!
      All the best

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