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  1. Safdar Hussan says

    Mr Shamil,
    We should never discuss individuals and their capacities in the manner in which you have opted. We can criticize the whole team of the district administration for not being able to manage the Terminals well but saying that they were incompetent and are questioning the process of their selection as officers is naive. My own observation living in Chitral town throughout the year is that things have improved a great deal, compared to past practices, the Administration is active, the encroachment drive etc are good signs. Secondly in my observation the officers you mentioned are accessible and within the reach of the public. They can be seen on FB and other places replying to the comments of the people.

  2. Ali Haider says

    when we analyze the writing of Shamil, we can find out two components (problems)one is the indifferent behavior of District Magistrate with him and second is the inefficiency of district administration in running the affairs of district, rest of the details are revolving around the two components. In order to support his view point, he gives many references and goes into each and every details of background.
    In writing when we become judgmental,biased and stereotype we cannot analyze the reality in its real form, rather we describe our perception and understanding, not the reality. In such a situation we ignore many good qualities of one and focus only on the negative character. Unfortunately Shamil sb also has written the above writing looking through glasses which always give certain colour. It was better for him to either describe the indifferent treatment of AC Chitral or to write about the performance of district administration.

  3. Arifeen Baig says

    My dear, it would have been great if the writing was precise and easier for readers like me to understand. The word competence and incompetence is so terribly used that readers like me could not complete the details. Secondly, the entire debate revolves around the addas, this adda that adda ??

  4. Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil says

    @Shafiqsudais: Dear,My intention is not to praise the DC and nowhere I did so,let alone of sugar coating. Nothing to settle with the AC as well.What I have written is just a depiction of the bureaucratic attitude/arrogance followed by their incompetence.Moreover, if the write-up is in any way disconnected and incoherent, the credit or the discredit goes to the editorial board of chitraltoday for eliminating many lines, consequently rendering the scattered ‘more scattered’.
    @MuhammadDin: Dear, I’am pleased to hear from you.There are many things for many to consider in your comments and i’m also not immune from it, that i must confess. To tell the truth we can’t teach the competent to be sensible in connection with their personal public relations, but we are obliged to ask them for competence in the affairs of the public.I also expect learned people like you to press the administration for sensible decision in the best interest of the public.

  5. Muhammad Din says

    To be honest I got through your today’s writing thoroughly and enjoyed it too. The good news is that at last you seemed to come out of your confusing, convoluted and really scattered philosophical thoughts as you yourself confess for them to be, and the numerous references supporting those arguments and ideas and touched a more real and contemporary topic… more precisely the things which most of the readers want and would have time to go through. So I suggest you in writing although my verbal persuasions have always been there to pick up topics for your writing which are more relevant, contemporary and readers oriented and to spare your already spare time for touching those philosophical thoughts and topics keeping them safe for the next generation to quote for quotes haha don’t mind dosti ma sb chalta hai. No doubt you are a very good writer and have tons of scattered thoughts in your mind which sometimes spontaneously come out just to trouble and confuse the readers like me. You need to be very precise, to the point and simple in your presentations. You often go miles away from your topic and the conceived plot on the wings of your scattered thoughts. Try to keep things simple and comprehensible for ordinary readers my friend! As far as the man you discussed in your writing in an agitating mode saddened by his frequent indifference despite being a good friend and a University side roommate is concerned; Shamil dear, people change not because they are bad, actually things change, situations change, the environment changes, the company changes, conditions and circumstances get a new turn leading to a broad change not only in life style but the life itself. Don’t mind it happens sometimes in life, never take them too serious. I agree with you that such an apathetic response and indifferent attitude from a humble personality like him despite being in close association for quite a long time, in which we have a shared treasure of , happiness, rejoice, love, affection, sorrows and despondency, is not good. We never need anything from them we just want them to remember that once we have been together and friends and should not look down upon as an ordinary laymen wondering in the street. On the contrary administration is a very demanding job requiring both physical energy and mental pace. So maintaining a balanced personality and attitude under a heavy and demanding responsibility requires great competence and only the super competent can grip it. So I suggest them to acquire this essence as soon as possible not only for their personal professional growth and development but for the general public good as well. Wish you a very good luck please don’t withdraw your PMS application. I impatiently wana see you in District Administration very soon.

  6. Shafeeq Sudais says

    Dear writer have pinpointed an important issue that needs to addressed.But it has been presented in such an scattered manner that the real issue gets eclipsed amidst sugar coated eulogy of DC chitral and unnecessary bashing of AC (to settle the scores for showing indifference to the writer).You need to connect all the scattered dots to make it somewhat comprehensible line.

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