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  1. ilyas says

    Here is what i just saw about the 14 month old Toddler killed by her own mother..(MUSLIM) living in my neighbourhood. The mom said that a black man snatched her baby when she was in the park but investigation revealed opposite. She killed her own baby. For almost a week cops on ground and Helicopter in the air were searching for the body. Finally they found it in nearby creek. Imagine the $$$ spent on this search operation. In the meanwhile i also read the news of 23 or 24 people buried under avalanche in Kohistan somewhere after the severe earthquake last year whose bodies were never recovered and also recent incident in LOTKOH, the kids buried under avalanche. . In the non muslim countries MUSLIMS (the selected ppl) get so much but still want the poor non muslims to be 100% muslims. Who knows if they convert to Islam they might make this country same as AlBakistan or AlAfghanistan or Alsaghudi. Here is the link :

  2. ilyas says

    “”and the most beautiful thing is that Maldives has around 300,000 population and 100% of them are Muslim””
    Nice written Zar Khan brar…but again a general question which comes to mind all the time. . why we Muslims want the whole society to be like Us…I mean ”Muslims”” . That idea might be fine but another question hits my mind when i see muslims in West which means in non muslim countries, where they demand equal rights in every thing. I would say More rights than the non muslims enjoy in their countries…:) This doesn’t make sense to me at all. I would give an example here. An english friends rings me up and starts complaining that he saw a muslim lady in his suburb swimming pool. He goes to the women who is in full burqa yet enjoying public swimming pool . . LOL . He tells her that she should wear swimming clothes while swimming as the huge mass of clothes is not hygienic for others using the swimming pool. It was just request or suggestion, he continues. But the muslim lady starts screaming, calls the pool management and the council and to the police calling it racism against muslims. He was shocked. There are thousands of examples about the demands of muslims residing in Western countries. I am just thinking would we “”the muslims, the most selected people on earth, the Most civilized”” ever bear Non muslim demands in our country? I have seen people in chitral fighting with Pathans saying “Hami alghani haye geti ispa roi no jashonian”” I understand that i can’t expect us “”the Muslims”” bearing Non muslims demanding English toilets in our school, praying places(churches etc) or establishment of Bars where they can buy Alcohol. But when we come to WEST we expect that we should be given all the rights ( in other words More rights then others ). We get super excited by seeing 100% muslim town here in West but leave behind the 100000% muslim population back in our own country. On one side we expect multiculturalism being in Non muslim countries but think back about your own country…!!! DO we practice same??? a big NOoo. Please stop this double standards. Accepts other religions too if you expect to be accepted by others. THIS IS INSANE. DRIVING ME NUTS. WE DON’T THINK ABOUT SUCH THINGS BUT ”Ye hamain raswa kye jarehe han sary jahan may” apnay ap ko openly confidently muslim kehna mushkil hogya hay”” . . . kb hamain aql agyegi.

  3. Afzal Aman says

    Brar Zar Khan, kura ikama photo di tan khatan sum chake anzawela. Maldipo luwan diti nachar Chitraliyan apaki ugh alao, royan jipo khai Gram Chasmatu biko paisa niki tu Maldipi biko luwan dosan. Baki behchitani ispa dustaan kharao kati wala, hatet hatetan diti Maldipi kuri binyan…!

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