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Chitrali student gets scholarship to US college

salik copy Farhan was also offered scholarships at University of British Columbia, Canada, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and Florida Institute of Technology. He has accepted the offer to Babson College considering that it is the entrepreneurial and business college in the US. His scholarship covers his full tuition fee, boarding, mess, living expenses and the air fare and he will start the term in July 2016. Earlier, Farhan had topped his school, the Cadet College Hasanabdal with 10A*s and was a high achiever at Roots College Islamabad during his A-levels. He represented Pakistan at the Asian Science Camp 2015 held in Thailand.–Jabeen Batool ]]>

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  1. Jalal uddin says

    Farhan the great we all proud of you.

  2. liam payne says


  3. sonia says

    Proud of you Champ…

  4. Dr.Zubeda Sirang says

    Wow. What a proud moment for the whole Chitral.
    Big bravo and heartfelt felicitations to you, young man!

  5. Fida Muhammad Khan says

    wow, Many many congratulations little boy.
    Have a successful life ahead..

  6. Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil says

    Great! Congratulations!
    Iqbal was addressing youth like you, when he said:
    Koi Qabil ho to hum shanain kai datay Haa,
    Dhundnay Waloon Ko Dunya b nai datay haa!
    Keep it up.

  7. chitrali says

    Farhan dear I am very glad to see your historical success in the history of Chitral. You have proved it before the nations of the world that Muslim are not extremist but Muslim are the greatest nation of the world.Your success and astonishing work is not only the lesson for the Chitrali students, but also surprising for the nation around the world.We are proud of you.I congratulate to you and your family members on your tremendous success.
    May Allah grant you further strong neurological power that you increase your scientific and research capacity among the western nation to prove it that we are the successful nation of the world.

  8. javed karim says

    brilliant mubarak keep it up

  9. imtiaz Booni says

    congrats and best wisheeess

  10. sharif ahmed says

    I am pleased to know this. young man congrats to you and family.

  11. sariruddin says

    Farhan great ma zaaan,we all proud of you.

  12. Zulfiqar says

    I would like give the entire credit of Farhan’s achievement to our dear bechi. This is indeed a moment of pride and joy for a great mother. It’s the mother’s upbringing of the child which either makes or mars his/her future. Congratulations, bechi! It would be unfair if we didn’t appreciate the contribution of a confident sister like Bakhtawar to help her siblings in fulfilling the dreams of their proud father. Very well done, young boy…we’re so excited for you!

  13. Sulaiman Parsa says

    Chitral is beautiful, Its people are great and their talent is second to none. Congrats Young Man. Keep you gaze on stars, more success would be yours. But return to your lovely land to serve your people after your education.

  14. Nazia hassan says

    Excellent dear keep it up proud to be chitrali because of you guys you are the real super star of Chitral.Salut to your talent .. 🙂

  15. Dr. Khalil Jughooru says

    Salahudin was a great friend, we spent time together, when he was student, then graduated from law College Peshawar, we were together on his last day in university hostel. Later we were together in Aga Khan Foundation project. The dreams of my friend came true today. I am sure this breaking news is nerve breaking for some in Morder Mulkhow and Charun. We all friends of your great father love you so much, and pray for you successes in life.

  16. Imad uddin Torkhow says

    Dear Farhan, Congratulation for such a luminous performance. I have no words to express my feeling to you. May ALLAH provide you more and more opportunities and we want to see you on the pinnacle of success. Convey my Congratulation to your Mom and Bakhtawar also. May God bless you.

  17. Waqar Ahmed says


  18. Rakhshinda says

    WHaoooo!! This is a super man! All the very best Farhan.

  19. Ijaz Ahmed says

    Congrats !! proud of you !!

  20. Fida ur Rehman says

    Proud of you Farhan.

  21. jamil says

    Mashallah congratulations! May Allah put more Barakh in all your good efforts. Once again congratulations to you and to all family members.

  22. zarkhan says

    Congratlation Mr Farhan
    proud of you. May Allah grant you long Life,good health and more and more success in Life.
    May Allah bless you and keep you always in his protection.
    Zar Khan Huzoor Arkari

  23. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Mr. Farhan Salik! All of us feel to proud on your exemplary achievements in the field of quality education. Hats off to your hard work and heartiest congratulations to you and all the family members. Best of luck!

  24. Gul Jee(Canada) says

    Congratulation Mr Farhan Salik ,as a future nation builder ofcourse we are proud of you.As a Chitrali we salute your eucational journey from a vary famous and fabulous Institution Hasanabdal to Bobson College Boston USA.Yes it may be a long awaited journey,but thanks God finally you got the target.Surely this success is a blessing from God and the result of your parents and relatives.Mr Salik you are younge you understand better then us that Education is not only the source of worldly income or happiness but more then this is a stair and a hidden weapon to better understand of God’creation on this earth,this is only possible if you have a quality education does not matter you got this from Chitral,China or USA.God bless you.

  25. Hamidul jalal says

    I appreciate to you,so proud of you.I pray for your long life and success convey congratulation to my sister kaniz fatima and Bakhtawar.

  26. Ifitikhar says

    So proud of you Farhan!

    1. Farhan Salik says

      Thank you very much Uncle ?

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