22 Replies to “We so-called proud Muslims”

  1. Imtiaz your topic is great and the way you described it , is really good. very well approach. hope to see much more like this one in future.

  2. Nice topic to think on specially in recent scenario…I’m sure you’ll improve your presentation skill and will do better next time..After all well tried…thumbs up..(Y)

  3. Look, you can not blame the clerics for all the problems faced by the country. We all are equally responsible. What is ur contribution for this contry, for Chitral or even for the village where you belong? All the molvis are not wrong. They have some contribution as well for the betterment of the society. The protests by clerics women against the wimen protection bill is one good examole otherwise your wives will kick u out from.the house that will ultimately end up in divorce. Again it is the clerics due to whom Chitral is saved from behayayi. If their had been no molvi, you could have greeted jeans and skin tight pahama wearing mashrot girls in Chitral bazar. So better don’t cross the limits as we know how to respond to u so-called liberals.

    1. Mottasim Billah I dont think you have gone through the whole essay otherwise your comment wouldnt have been such as you gave.First read all what i have written and im not a liberal.

  4. Indeed a great piece of work!Realistic approach towards a common social issue exposing the ignorance of our society/pseudoliberals.

  5. 100% agree with you ….. It is varry easy to critcize others… Specialy on religious side mostly poepls try to show a top jurist yourself and full of relegious knowledge…… I think your thoutghts touchs reality and practices of our society…

  6. I am 100% agree with you.We have so lethargic to discuss this topic.All we do is criticize Molvis,preachers and scholars and make a fun of them by calling them “Mulla Ji”, “Sheikh sahib” and many more funny names.
    We know that some of them are not right,they do not represent the true image of Islam but we can not blame all religious people for this.
    We must know who are the real Molvis,Molanas,Sheikh ul Hadees.

    1. Yes and when any religious scholar or any person commits any sin we all are there to critise him but when it comes to our politicians or our actors our sportmen or we ourself we dont say any thing.

  7. MashaAllah a much needed to be discused topic, we might have a long chat on it someday, you are superb with your writing.. ??

  8. Prayer leader arrested for raping student in Lakki Marwat seminary (Madrassa): Reported today, 29 March 2016,4pm (WWW.Dawn.com). Because of such people the very concept of religion has become corrupt, to which i had referred to in my article earlier today. This is that shameful “Religiosity” and insensibility of the religious to which I referred in my article.
    If you want to teach religion to you youngsters, at least escort them to some western world, i must say. Even Communist society would offer more dignified religious studies than these black sheep of madrassas.

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