Seven schoolchildren among nine buried under avalanche

CHITRAL: Nine people, including seven schoolchildren, were buried under an avalanche in the Karimabad valley of Chitral.

The bodies retrieved so far from the avalanche were identified as that of student Mubashir Ali, son of Nowroz, and Rehmat Bai, a passerby from Paran village.

The other victims were: Imran Uddin, son of Azmat Ali, Imran, son of Afzal; Alishaan, Muhammad Elahi, Faiz Ali class 10th and Irshad Ahmed, residents of Karimabad.

Member of the District Council from Karimabad, Muhammad Yaqoob Khan, told ChitralToday that Karimabad had received over two feet of snow and the roads and tracks in the valley had become dangerous due to the melting snow and falling boulders and avalanches.

He said the students belonged to Paran, Shah Herth and Karimabad etc., and had gone to the Govt High School Susum to appear in the SSC Part 1 and Part 2 exams on Saturday.

According to the school staff, the students had left for their homes after appearing in the exam but did not reach home. In the evening, relatives and other people of the area started a hectic search for the students but so far there was no clue to them, he added.

On Sunday morning, the local people dug an avalanche and retrieved the body of one of the students. They feared that all the students have been buried under the same avalanche. Later, another body was also recovered.

A Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) spokesperson said at least eight students died in teh avalanche, adding to have recovered two bodies. The deceased included Rehmat Bai, Imran Uddin, Faiz Ali, Ali Shan, Imran Khan, Elahi, Irshad Murad and Mubashir.

“So far two bodies have been recovered and due to the terrain and topography heavy machinery could not make their way to the area. People are using local available equipment to recover the bodies,” the PDMA spokesperson said.

The locals appealed to the district administration and the law enforcement agencies to launch a search operation in the area.–Reporting by Bashir Hussain Azad

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  1. Indeed this is very unfortunate episode and great lose for the affected parents and families who bearing a painful moment at this time from last seven days and every sunrise hope to recover their beloved which can’t be visualized. We can pray for early recovery of the bodies shall reduce their pain and grief. However, at this moment we must acknowledge and appreciate the efforts making from District Administration, Law-enforcement organizations particularly the Jawans of Chitral Scouts, Focus Humanitarians, Police-force, local and Al-Khidmat volunteers, NDMA who reached at the point just next day and still involved to recover the bodies. DC Chitral, Commandant Chitral Scouts and DPO made visits to the location for 4-5 times and District Nazim and especially GoC Malakand Division Gen. Nadir Khan who paid visit and instructed the rescue team to continue searching till last one be recovered. VP-National Council and Focus Chair also came and met with the affected families & community and ensured for every possible support. The local people of Susum really deserve to appreciate to work at location and hosting lot of people gather over-there. Salam to all of them

  2. This should be clear to the District Administration that if the DEO (Male) along with his bunch of ADEOs are not punished, we will be forced to believe there prevails law of jungle. I just want to ask one question from the Deputy Commissioner, District Police Officer, Commandant Chitral Scouts, the MNA and the stylish MPAs whether it is justified to leave the DEO (Male) scot-free after this tragic incident?

  3. One of the saddest moments for Chitral. My heartfelt condolence to the parents and families of the deceased. May Allah grant them courage and fortitude to bear with this tragic loss.

  4. I would like to ask all the commentators who are busy in expressing sympathies with the bereaved families whether is it enough to say may their soul rest in peace. Have you ever thought how tragic it is to lose a near and dear one? How painful is it for the parents who lost their sons? Come out from this bloody customary ritual of extending condolence and instead seek justice for those who lost their lives. Isn’t this the negligence of the DEO (Male) Chitral? These people are taking care of those who seek examination duties in areas like Bumurat. And you know why every teacher is dying to go to Bumburat? They die to to go Kalash because there they can easily find sharab and charas. Why the district administration is reluctant to take action against DEO (Male)? Why the provincial government is acting as a silent spectator? Why the DEO (Male) has not visited the bereaved families? I want to know kis maraz ki dawa he yeh shaks? Why he is not ready to accept the blunder done by his department? Why the media is silent?? Why no one is writing against him???

    1. Yes , public should demand for an enquiry against Edo and other relevant authorities. But your way of criticism isn’t proper. At least these people have talked about it, prayed for the affected people. How about you write an article on it please ?

  5. The second tragic event in my life after Wachich avalanche in Susoom Karimabad. Again Nature showed His furry. we are always with the affectees who lost their dearer and nearer of their families and relatives, and praying to God to keep their soul in eternal peace, and grant them Paradisal pool.

  6. This is a very tragic incident. May ALLAH PAAK rest all the ” Shaheeds ” in the eternal peace. We are deeply grieved and sadened. May ALLAH PAAK bless the bereaved families. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ELAIHE RAJYOON.

  7. I express my deep sorrow on the shocking incident of Karimabad valley avalanche. May Allah Kareem grant enough courage to all of us, particularly the bereaved families, to bear this shock and loss of innocent precious lives. May Allah protect us from all such calamities,
    Brig Khush Muhammad Khan (R)

  8. What we spared in our preparedness campaign???. we are deeply grieved on hearing this calamity…..our emotional support are alway with the families who lose their dearer and nearer…..May my God rest their soul in eternal piece Ameen

  9. This is really tragic.
    May Allah Almighty bless the departed souls with eternal peace and give the bereaved families courage to bear this loss (ameen).

  10. may Allah rest their souls in eternal peace and grant courage to the bereaved families to bear this heavy unbearable loss…….
    Muhammad Hakim

  11. We were deeply shocked to hear this news. It is a heavy loss for all of us. May all the departed souls rest in eternal peace and May Allah Pak grant courage and patience to the bereaved families.

  12. big tragic, hakumat au army se apepal hai k masson bachon ko jald recover karen ndma teams should go to area to get them out. may God rest the souls in peace. ameen

  13. these are indeed shaheed, the innocent students were on way back home after appearing their exams and died in search of education. they are martyrs indeed.

  14. This is a shocking news for all of us.May God rest their souls in eternal peace and a patience to the bereaved families to bear this great loss.Ameen.Our sympathies are with the bereaved families in this difficult hours.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

  15. This is nothing except negligence. Sheer negligence on part of District Education Officer (Male) Chitral. All the government schools in the district are under his administrative control. He should have set up an examination centre in the area. If he had no idea about the problems faced by the schoolboys, his subordinates should have briefed him about the issue. About eleven precious lives were been lost. Who is responsible for the deaths? Is there anybody who can take the DEO (Male) to task for his incompetence. I would rather suggest, the DEO along with his subordinates should be sent behind the bar. Can the DC set an example by initiating action against those responsible for the tragedy??

    1. May their souls rest in peace, this was natural calamity and no one should be held responsible, but yes precaution should be taken to avoid such tragedies in future.

    2. I express my deepest sense of sympathy with the bereaved families of the students who were hit by an avalanche in Karaimabad, Chitral. The army, police and local people are trying their best to retrieve the bodies.
      May Allah rest the departed souls in eternal peace and give courage to the families to bear the tragedy.
      Agreed With Mr. Gul Wali, Education Department Should consider the weather situation of the Area before finilazation of examination centre.

  16. My sympathies with all bereaved families. May Allah Almighty rest their souls in peace and give fortitude to the families to bear the (irreparable) loss.

  17. We are shocked to hear about the tragic incident in Karimabad valley. May Allah bless the departed souls in eternal peace and give courage to the parents and other relatives to bear the great loss. We again pray to Allah to protect Chitral from further calamities. Amin

  18. It is very shocking to hear accidental death of young students of Karimabad valley. We share the grievances with the parents and pray for Allah’s blessings upon the departed souls and fortitude to the parents and relatives, Ameen.

  19. allah sub ki hifazat kara or ma dua karta hun in student k liya jo isi hadsa ka shikar hua hain allah un ki hifazat or nigabani kara ameen

  20. I express my deepest sense of sympathy with the bereaved families of the students who were hit by an avalanche in Karaimabad, Chitral. The army, police and local people are trying their best to retrieve the bodies.
    May Allah rest the departed souls in eternal peace and give courage to the families to bear the tragedy.
    Salim Khan, MPA.

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