46 Replies to “Woman from Yarkhun valley passes commission exam”

  1. An encouraging start taken by our proud daughter from Istach Chitral. This she made possible by hard work. We all are proud of your performance and success. Deep congratulation to you and your proud parents for your success.

  2. Dear Sister endorse warmest congratulation on my part for passing Commission Exam (BPS-17). verily, your this achievement is a replica and impetus of other female students of the valley,best compliments for your more and more success in future.

  3. Congratulations to You Respected Sister, you have done a great job, we are proud of you, i am also from UOP Library Science deptt…2015 batch

  4. O my great Baji you really the indigenous one, many many congratulations for your success…. You have remain the ideal one for young generation and will always… Thnx for being pride for us…
    Nasir Akash
    M.Phil Scholar

  5. Im immensely happy to see the news of your selection as (BPS-17) in the higher education . congratulations!All our entire families are proud of you . Your heard working,dedication and focus proved that you have the brightest future ahead of you.Keep searching knowledge and remain thrust for it.Our best wishes and prayers are always with you.

  6. Well done beta! We feel pride on your this big achievement. Congratulations to you and your parents.

  7. Many many congrats dear Nooh. I am feeling very happy to know about your brilliant success. May you have more and more sucess. Ameen

  8. Dear Sister! I am very pleased to see the good news of your selection as Librarian BPS-17 in the Chitraltoday.net. Accept my heart profound congratulations on this happiest moment.

  9. First of all I wish to convey my deepest congratulation to Ms. Bibi Nooh and her entire family for such marvels achievement. We all are feeling proud of you and this shows that how Ms. Bibi Nooh is competent, hardworking and talented. This is a real example for all of us, especially for our young students that area remoteness will not matter, if you have will and passion to achieve your goal then nobody can stop you. A few days back I had an opportunity to meet her at AKHS Kuragh during my official visit. I was really impressed by her attitude, humbleness and willingness to serve the community. Stay blessed.

  10. Many many congrats for your success. May Allah Almighty bless you all. Its my great pleasure to see you in the position of grade 17. You really deserve it. Hope see soon.

  11. Kai, Congratulations and best wishes on this especial day! I am much pleased to hear that you have been recommended as a librarian BPS 17. This is really amazing. After all, your luck and efforts paved you a way to success. This is just beginning of the bright path that is filled your hopes and dreams.

  12. I am pleased to hear this great news of your success. It is the fruit of your long struggle, strong will and dedication. Everybody was born for purpose on this earth, to die without achieving greatness in relation to his/her purpose on earth is equal to failure.You are one of the fortunate members of your family who brought a golden feather in the cap of the family. I congratulate you from the core of my heart.
    Yours nephew M Dinar.

  13. #Bibi_Nooh!
    As a Chitrali I feel very proud of you and you are role model for all Chitrali students.
    Glad to see.

  14. Bibi Nooh you have created a history you proved that you are the best and simply the best. When I saw your success news my eyes were full of tears. We all Istachik and Chitralis are proud of you. Well done. You did the best. Keep it up. Again congratulations.
    Your brother,

  15. I am so pleased to know about Bibi Nooh, daughter of Aman Ullah of Istach, Yarkhoon. Istach is the most outreach area of our district and division Mistuj. I offer my best regards for her, her parents and teachers.
    She is model for those brought up, and educated having provided enormous facilities, and who are still reluctant to sit in the competition examinations. Stay blessed

  16. Well done BiBi Nooh, heartiest congratulations. We are really proud of you and pray for your further success, bright future and expect to serve sincerely and professionally

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