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  1. Muhammad Amin baloch says

    Please refer to my comments above. It is Rs. 1,000 per year and not per month against sports,computer charges.

  2. Riaz Ahmad says

    In my opinion Mr. Islamuddin sahib should focus more on his school and college rather interfering other institutions.This is the right place to produce students who will bring revolution in the area. Merely providing high classes is not an end, there must be qualified and trained teachers for this purpose.

  3. Muhammad Amin says

    I would like to clarify some assumptions put by Mr.Islamuddin
    Mr.Islamuddin is more acquainted with GADO than many people in Garamchashma. He was elected/selected chairman GADO BOD in 2007 and was removed in a one month period .He had also written to the then RPM AKRSP about his illegal removal and threatening of access to the court of law. He never went. Since then he is not happy with GADO and always searches ways to embroil it.
    Secondly as per byelaw it is the BOD who is responsible for AGM from conducting and formulating procedures to presenting its reports and the manager is like a secretary. The BOD is more powerful not heed to the manager advice.GADO board had appointed you chairman advisory committee and the same body removed you on performance basis. In your removal manager has nothing to do. You cannot make a comparison between GADO and Pamir BOD where in the farmer BOD is powerful and in the latter principal is all in all.
    Your reservations about IC are not a new one. From the right beginning you are targeting it along AKRSP, for not being consulted you about their activities in Garamchashma. legal MOU was signed between GADO and the IC covering all TORs. Try to read the MOU and don’t make confusion. As far IC suspending of one project is concerned let me clarify. Under the new phase W4L has to work with two or one partner in the whole district and at that time it had four partners including GADO. In the meantime conflict in GADO began between GADO BOD and management mainly provoked by you. When Amir Wali became new chairman GADO you wrote him a letter of congratulation and had advised him to take stern actions against the management.Ironiclly, latter you played a central role in removing him from his Also you had sent three of your teaching staff as BOD to GADO to further deteriorate the situation.IC being funded by the Swiss government follows zero tolerance in conflict sensitivity in its intervention and it was one main reason of suspension. Quoted to have said by IC official does not justify your assumptions. Proof weighs.GADO has not recovered a single penny from the ex manager but instead paid to him against his pending salaries etc.Kindly write correct information and leave depending on the heresy of others. Always using others shoulders is not good one. Yes delay in reporting was caused by disruptions in net systems etc. I still stand firmly and will prove about the achievements of IC in the area. Be realistic and think for the development of the area.
    In Garamchashma there are two main body owned by the community (GADO and Pamir Public School and Degree College Garamchashma, runs by Islamuddin . Too much has been written against GADO and why Pamir Public School and Degree College Garamchashma stands immune so far.
    We have never heard that this Pamir has held a legal AGM or annual society members meeting as provided in its byelaws. The current Pamir BOD is only puppet in the hands of the principal, who happens to be the most powerful personality in the institution.Surprisingly, last year the BOD had passed a unanimous resolution banning its teaching staff not to work with GADO as board directors. So far principal has not implemented that decision .The question is that in case of GADO, BOD is supreme and for Pamir BOD is just a rubber stump used by the principal for implementing its decisiosn.Drawing of two salaries from IC was a sin but in Pamir holding of management and academic portfolio is a virtue .Again drawing two salaries one as principal of the institution & another from B.Ed and M.Ed classes are permissible .For GADO manager salaries were given by IC projects and in Pamir salaries are drawn from the pockets of the poor people of Lotkoh. In GADO staff hiring is contrary to the policy and bye laws and for Pamir no one will question nepotism and favoritism. For GADO this is contradictory to the principle of conflict of interest and for Pamir ok.
    In case of GADO staff are incompetent .Pamir is currently running B.Ed and M.Ed classes .These classes require highly qualified and skilled professional ,but in Pamir these tough classes area mostly taken by the principal, not a qualified M.Ed. This year most of college students in political sciences and sociology got failed due to non availability of trained teacher. The poor students are made to pay extra fees in the sports fee, library and computer fee etc (approx.1000 per month) without having any facilities. Hashoo Foundation provides scholarship but deserving and poor students are bypassed due to nepotism. In the beginning Pamir was considered to be one of the best educational institutions in the district. Now it cannot compete Al-Nasir and Injigan schools in terms of providing quality education who have excelled it. Holding of cultural shows will not go long to address the institution issues. If GADO is politicized, Pamir also is used by promoting the agenda of a specific political party. If GADO comes to the limelight, why Pamir is a sacred cow. It should also stand for public accountability. If laws are supreme for GADO why Pamir as a government registered institution is immune. This is my humble advice to Mr.Islamuddin first put his house (Pamir) in order and then raise fingers towards others. He ought to be a role model for others and promote a peaceful society by sitting the conflicting parties on the same table. Might is right motto will not serve the people of the area and we all think collectively for our dharti.

  4. Khairuddin says

    Sir, thanks for your kind participation. I have taken on from the grass root change. 200 VOs and 16 clusters will be audited. Charges from the life time office bearers will be taken back. Then new membership campaign will accommodate the youth i.e every NIC holder. Then new office bearers will be elected and they will undergo the training process. That will make the change in clusters and GADO in itself. This will take six month to complete the process. AKRSP management agreed this Plan. the current GADO board has no other option then to agree. If this time the created hurdle in our plan we will create Parabeg an independent LSO.

  5. Islamuddin says

    By Islamuddin
    Apropos debate going on in these pages I could not refrain myself from joining it for the sake of putting certain disputed questions of fact and law in their correct perspectives so that readers are not misguided by motivated comments coming from certain individuals having their own axes to grind.
    First as to question of law GADO was registered in 2007 and it was to be renewed annually but it was never done and Managers of the NGO whose primary function it was to maintain legal course and guide BOD members on correct legal actions but somehow these were not done and the entity was allowed to function without registration being renewed ostensibly to sideline oversight of the registering authority and pave way for motivated decision making with no one to hold them to account. Even the advisory board was dispensed with. The role of AKRSP was either hand in glove or sheer helplessness and the community had no where to go to get things corrected but to go on doing catharsis through rumour mills or blame game.
    The apex body was called to service only once in 2010 for which Mr. Amin takes credit but whose responsibility was it to hold the AGM annually? The powers of AGM were illegally arrogated on to itself by the BOD constituted through the dubious method of cluster nominations-a tool of convenience. This illegally constituted BOD makes decisions for resource allocation amidst protests that it was not distribution but sharing among influential BOD members. These protests were dismissed as having come from opponents of GADO despite the fact that there is no opponent of GADO. In fact every resident of Garam Chashma considers GADO as engine of development and they only wanted fair play and legal correctness to be able to sustain the outfit in which every one has stake.
    Regarding collaboration with IC, I have seen the documents. The resources donated should have been distributed and jobs given according to “prescribed procedures” which was not done and instead the top notches shared these among themselves in violation of GADO Bye-Laws, AGM decision and MOU signed with IC, for which they were subsequently punished by the new BOD and some money recovered. The achievements narrated by current and former managers are news for me because I cannot see these on ground. You cannot get away with lies all the time. If every thing was going on so well then how come IC decided to wind up its operations on the ground of mismanagement and lack of capacity. IC official is quoted to have said during a meeting that GADO was unable to report on the projects being funded by it.
    The loud claims of capacity building of the people are misleading. An NGO which lacks capacity of its own cannot improve capacity of its clientele. Potato is the biggest cash crop of Garam Chashma which people cultivate at the risk of drenching out fertility of the soil for future generations but almost every year middle men get away with lion’s share and GADO has yet to develop marketing chain or grower capacity to market the product without the help of the middle man. It has even failed to guide the growers to buy inputs from loans borrowed from banking system at 25 % interest instead of 200 % profit paid to the middle man after six months at harvest time. The Growers Association is dormant and public money invested in it has been embezzled but GADO can do nothing about it and the situation has given rise to rumours that former as well as current top notches of GADO, are hands in glove if not directly involved in this scam.
    Now this debate is not less than washing own dirty linens in full public view. There are better ways to salvage GADO from the clutches of the few hijackers. This can be done by calling special AGM through signed requisition of 25 % members and to vote in clean people to restore GADO to the people and hold even handed accountability or liquidate the entity and hand over its assets to another entity having same objectives as provided for in the Bye-Laws. People simply do not have correct awareness. They do not know that despite a project having been terminated for mismanagement its rightly connected employees still get salaries from the resources that should have gone to the Endowment Fund. It is the height of our collective failure that we are allowing community owned micro-hydels to be taken over for the benefit of the few powerful, whether land donors or purse snatchers.
    The registering authority is not prepared to take any responsibility for GADO and recommends the above course of action. Yet another solution would be to refer the matter to anti-corruption establishments or court action. Without doing these doable things the mere media debate can take us no where. In fact it would have negative effect by way of demoralizing the people and leading to trust gap between the people and the organizations that should have served them. Our failures to do any thing good now also leads to the culture of impunity which is very dangerous for our community life and self help development paradigm that NGOs are mandated to create in the new world order.
    So my advice to all the interlocutors would be to give more focus to action and less to words. Let us put our acts together and rid our organizations from the clutches of vested interests and mafias before it is too late. Red Brigade of Italy and Taliban nearer home are examples in point

  6. Khairuddin says

    Due to Mr. Amin, GADO’s management office get locked by the Court for almost a year. His finance member told me that he has details of Rs. 300,000 corruption against him.
    Now, if I am wrong lets put the case in the court of God. Because I know I am living in a society of hypocrites. If one stands for the good one will always suffer. Sad!

    1. khairuddin says

      The above written amount is Rs.300,000. GADO’s management is not handing over the agreement with Mr. Amin and Mohd Wali. NRO I hate it.

  7. Riaz Ahmad says

    I am very regretted and shocked when I read comments by different commentators on topic “Community resentment towards NGOs“.the learned writer has nothing done injustice with any organization or individuals .On the contrary defended the achievements of IC organization in good words. Mr,Khairuddin has attached the writer in an unwanted manner. We writers should respect each other’s views and reply politely. It seems from Khairuddin harsh attitude as if he wanted to settles cores of old days or dancing at the tunes of others. Journalism gives the lessons of tolerance and modesty and proof. Without -pre proof we should not label accusations and counter accusations against each other and must respect one another self—that what Islam and the Shariiat Muhammedi teaches us? If we behave with each other in such a rude way, what lesson we are delivering to our future generation in schools, colleges and universities? Pls. be careful and requested the learnt editor of online paper to take notice of such misconduct. As it do not suit to a free journalist.

  8. Zafar Ali Shah Jilani Sanik says

    Me Khairddin se Koch sawalat karta hon
    Aj se Koch den pehla ap PTI President Abdul Latif sb ke sath Yourjigh cluster ke silsela me yourjogh aye that ek sahafi ban kar.Apne wohan Koch bat karne ke koshes ke thi or Wazir Councilor jo ke hamare mukhalef party sa talooq raktha tha ap ke sathe bezati ke or mumken he ap ko chamat marta tha liken hamne ap ko bachaya that.Keya ap ne ye wada nehi keya tha ke chairman GADO ke khilaf itne suboot mere pas hen ke ma os ko bama sathi ibratnak sabak donga.Ofsos dosra os ka apne face book me interview karke masoom or hero bana rahe ho.Dobara facebook me apne post keya ke Parabeg valley wale PADO ke name se ek dosra LSO bana rehe hen jo ke meyar pe kam kare ga.Ap keya chehta he.Ham apki zahniyat ko belkol nehe samaj sakhte hen.Abi tak amir wali khan ke khlif apne wada ke mutabeq quyoon nehi laeka.Dar gai ya dosra koi wajh.
    Janab ap PPP ke chahne waloon ke khilaf aksar ghalat lekto ho.Aj se pehla be ghalat taur be workers ka khilaf khurdburd ka ilzam lagaye tha.Jo ke apko sabit karna he ke apne jo ilzam lagaya he ghalt he ya sahi.Abi mazeed a worker pe alzam lagate ho ke corrupt politicians ap ka talooq he.Ap ka matlab janab MPA Salim Khan he .Wo to ilaqa ka hero he .Ham ye sabit Karon ge ka corrupt kon he.Hamen be bohot Koch patah he.ap ayenda prpoganda mat Karen.Warne ham apke khilaf qanoon tak rasaye Karen ge.Ap apne mukhtalif writings se awam ko worghulate ho.Ap ke writing GADO ko nuqsan ponchane me aham kerdar ada keye he.Or ham onko suboot ka taour per pash karenga .or ham chitraltoday ke ofsar bala ko bi apeel karte hen ke aise logon se bach ke rehen jo logon ko batnam karte hen or apas me larate hen

  9. Fardad Ali Shah Kator says

    Fruit processing training, farmer capacity building training, farmers exposure visit to Lahore and Gilgit, Cash for work for the restoration of Irrigation channels and drinking water supply scheme after the flood, rehabilitation of flood damages, staff capacity building training, introducing seed companies like AGB, Livestock training, construction of irrigation channels, construction of Protective walls, workshop on climate change, introduction of GLA’s in Garamchashma, formation of potato grower association, formation of water user association and many more are the worth mentioning activities of Inter Cooperation.
    We should not keep biased attitude instead we should appreciate the key activities of IC. IC staff consider their job as their prime duty and render their services more than their contract.

  10. Muhammad Amin Baloch says

    Mr.Shadani, here is my reply to your comments:
    First, the EX GADO BOD was consisted of more reasonable and educated persons than the current one. If you needed profile I will furnish to you their names and credentials. Second, I was not CEO GADO but was manager and my legal status was as secretary GADO. Third, the first legal AGM was held in Pamir College and School premises in my tenure and as result the retired Board was established. Again holding of AGM is as per bye laws is the sole responsibility of the BOD and not Manager. What is the role of AKRSP LSO Support unit? If the BOD is illiterate the same body should help the BOD in correcting legalities like AGM etc. It has been established only for facilitating LSOs legally and financially. Fourth, regarding the organizing or activation of CBOs are concerned, under EELY project all the said CBOs were reactivated with the inclusion of youth and establishing new bye laws with consensus of the members. If they are again dead then I am not responsible. Check GADO records in this connection. Fifth, Clusters are not bound to GADO and as per SOPs and Board decision GADO was bound to conduct audit of such clusters that submit resolutions to GADO for audit. As they are not registered with GADO.
    Millions spent out for development projects as there was spread of networks of development projects from Shahsalim to Burbunoo and Begusht to Ochilasht. That was the golden period when almost all the staff including manager could draw salaries from the Projects and saving GADO financial resources. This is not the first time you are publishing wrong information about me. A few months ago you had posted a letter in the same paper listing some individuals belonging to PPP who had benefited from the funds of the MPA Salmin Khan. My share as per your letter was four lac (400,000). For your kind information I have never received 4 lac from the MPA development projects. This is and was baseless and propaganda from you. For a reporter it is prerequisite to collect data from different reliable sources and publish otherwise it will tantamount to defamation of citizens. Can you produce evidence of this from the concerned department etc. Never, because it has not happened. Do not follow heresy and character assassination is haram in Islam. Before accusing you must contact all the concerned sources if you want to reach the ground reality. Making a kangaroo jump reporting or freelance journalism will be harmful for a reporter’s integrity and professionalism and also damage others self-esteem in the society. Please never play at the tunes of others. Also study GADO bye-laws and other polices then you can better determine responsibilities.

  11. Khairuddin Shadani says

    Who I am? I am in search of black sheep inside the institutions. Yes I am monitoring every corrupt activity. The SECP is my technical partner in the good cause. Have a look at Who I am, forget about it. Who you are and what you did is in the limelight. After NRO, I hate the word ‘reconciliation’.
    I will drag out your so called MOU with the LSOs and will put it online. The ring you have developed with corrupt politicians is not going to help you at all.

  12. Khairuddin Shadani says

    You worked for many years as Manager. You had all the time the power of Chief Executive. In 2007 once it was registered in SECP, after then you never thought of SECP compliance. You spent millions with out a single AGM. All your BOD members were illiterate. Many of them even does not understand Urdu. You were drawing few salaries at a time. Then your job was to ‘regulate’ 200 VOs and 16 clusters. What I found in two cluster is, both not audited from last 20 years.

  13. Muhammad Amin Baloch says

    I remember that on many occasions you had written about GADO illegality.I remember once you had written that this NGO is not registered with the SECP of Pakistan and even you had contacted the AKRSP and Joint Stock Registrar.According to your letter posted in the same Paper you had disclosed millions of rupees funded to an illegal body,GADO. Your such actions had created misunderstanding and mess in the community about the NGO. what a fun?
    Sometimes you show yourself a representative of Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan,sometime investigator and also a journalist.How can we trust you.My position about GADO was of principles.Previously you were a staunch antagonist of this LSO and it BOD.Now as according to your own words you are going to give capacity building training to GADO. Plz go through Imtiaz Booni comment about your mentality.I shall provide to the readers what you had written about GADO. For your kind information, we settled the issue via reconciliation. I think you have been hired by GADO to promote its interest as reflects in your interview of chairman and posted in facebook. An upright man always stands by his word.

  14. Khairuddin Shadani says

    Mr. Amin, the writer of this advertising piece is the main player of the entire mess in the controversial LSO.
    His lectures do not show his action while he served in the same NGO.

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