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Govt's negligence forces volunteers to repair broken road

road copy The road from the Booni bridge to the Aga Khan Medical Centre has developed ditches and potholes and commuters were facing troubles using it. None of the government officials or elected representatives bothered to get the road repaired even though many of them daily commuted on it. The local volunteers and members of the transport union working on the repair of the road told ChitralToday that they would soon complete the work and also repaire the Booni bridge which had also been in a poor shape for long. It may be noted that work on the project to construct an RCC bridge in place of the old wooden bridge in Booni has been stopped due alleged misuse of funds. The volunteers said they would collect donations from the public to replace the old wooden plunks of the bridge to repair it soon. Public circles appreciated the rising sense of volunteerism among the community but warned the government quarters not to deviate from their basic function of public service.road2 copy]]>

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  1. Fardad Ali Shah says

    As the population increases and the efficiency of the govt falls in proportion, there is no way out but to think of self help and self reliance. This year’s floods forced people to repair their water supply systems, dig wells for themselves, put up solar panels and set up cross river boxes (zangoo) to traverse the rivers, all by themselves, because the govt put it’s hands up against the magnitude of the problem. The nly way forward in the long run is adopting the culture of self help. Both the govt and NGOs should convince the people to stop looking towards the govt for every little thing and start working themselves to sort out their problems. The ever increasing over population that we are subjected to due to religious considerations can be effectively put to positive use if channelized properly.

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