4 Replies to “Ex-MNA looted”

  1. It is a very sad incident. Now the ex MNA should use his political position to fight against dacoits of all kinds.

  2. the govt should probe and arrest those behind robbing of the ex-MNA. the pti should stop boasting of the so called model kpk police. when a former MNA and key leader of a political party which is also in power in kpk is looted and made unconscious what would be the fate of common men.

  3. Occurance with our leader is highly condemned. Some 2 years back an oil tanker full of fuel going to Chitral was forcibly snatched away from driver in Mardan. Police Mardan recovered it and handed it over to its owner. We wait that Mardan Police shall surely arrest the robbers and recover all that robbed. KPK Police is hoped to stop such unwanted occurrences from KPK. Pray for recovery of our ex MNA and leader of Chitral.

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