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Khowar 'caravan of love' visits Gilgit-Baltistan

Radio pakDuring the visit of the Khowar poets, a special literary sitting was arranged in their honours at the Radio Pakistan Gilgit. Led by Dabistan-e-Booni vice-president Hafiz Ullah Amin, the delegation consisted of young poets Talat Mehmood, Muhammad Zafar Hayat, Sahib Wali Asra and Saeed Kainati. The main objective of the visit was to promote and strengthen relations with the people of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan, especially those who speak the Khowar language. The visiting literary personalities started their interaction with the people of Gilgit-Baltistan from the village of Barsat in the Ghizer district. From there, when they reached Ishkoman, local artists, poets and literary personalities welcomed them. The two-day stay of the delegation in Ishkoman was very important in the sense that they discussed with the local literary people the ways and means to promote and preserve the Khowar language in the area. A meeting presided over by Hafiz Ullah Amin in Ishkoman also discussed how to bring the abandoned Khowar words back to use. In the Gilgit city, among others, the guests were welcomed by the hosts of the Khowar Gamburi programme. Two programmes were arranged for the Khowar poets by the Radio Pakistan. The first was about the visit of the Khowar poets during which a question-answer session about the Khowar literature took place while the second sitting consisted of a Mushaira. The programme was moderated by Shamsul Haq Qamar while the event was presided over by Radio Pakistan producer Wajid Ali Wajid. ]]>

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