Controversy stalls govt-funded power project

File photo File photo[/caption] Residents of the area told ChitralToday that in 1995 the community of the Yurjogh cluster, consisting of eight local organizations, established a 50 KV micro-power station on a self-help basis with the technical support of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP). In 2012, a new 160 KV hydropower project was set up at Thonik near the Yurjogh village by the community of the Yurjogh cluster. The old project site at Yurjogh, however, remained a cluster property, according to the members of the cluster who did not want to be named. Now under the funds provided by the provincial government, the AKRSP is planning to establish another powerhouse in the area which would also cater to nearby villages such as Sanik lower (19 houses) and Gholachu (28 houses). But the dispute erupted when, according to the cluster members, some individuals of the cluster, including the person on whose land the first powerhouse was built, joined hands with the AKRSP, GADO and PEDO (two local organizations) to set up the new powerhouse at the site of the old powerhouse without the consent of the cluster members. And strangely, without physically visiting the area and informing the cluster members, the old powerhouse was demolished to make room for the establishment of the new one, said the cluster members. The cluster representatives said they approached the organizations not to go ahead with the project without taking the community on board but the AKRSP and GADO did not pay any heed to their requests. They said due to the partial approach of the executing agencies, the local community felt perturbed and there was also fears of a law and order situation. As a result, an application was filed with the local police station but without any result. The community representatives said now they were left with no other option but to approach the court of law to get the issue resolved. They said the officials of AKRSP, GADO and PEDO had showed open partiality and cannot be trusted by the community any longer. They also said without consensus and taking the cluster members into confidence, the organizations would never be allowed to start work on the project because the site belonged to the cluster as a whole. The residents alleged that the AKRSP took the decision in connivance with a few people of the area, including the operator of the powerhouse. The old powerhouse was built by the residents of the villages consisting of about 330 houses but it was demolished to construct a new powerhouse without taking them on board. The residents said the demolition of the powerhouse by the AKRSP and the local support organization was illegal and unacceptable. They called upon the high-ups of the AKRSP to take notice of the issue and resolve it amicably.]]>

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  1. Today i personally investigated this case. I took details from the stakeholders.
    Yes their is controvery but the government yet not released a single penny for this project.
    Some elements trying to create propaganda..Baseless

  2. Firstly,The report shows that a person has reported fake information to the chitraltoday, and very fake picture has been uploaded and baseless claim has been made by reporting persons and case could be filed against them because such people trying to keep people and institutions in dark to justify their claim and interest in all respect.
    Secondly,Since the beginning, RSPs have funded grants for their projects and the community only share its contribution in kind of land for Power House and that land is taken from a person against employment.If there is any deed between the owner of the land and the community,it is ok, if not than when the community leaves the place that remains there as property of the owner.Here I don,t know what type of deed has been made or not but where there RSPs have established, such projects the community has provided land for the project under agreement or against the employment deed,but the grant is provided for the projects not only technical support.It is always noticed that some knowing people in the community forget very early having availed the facilities from the institutions.The report shows that they don,t have knowledge of a,b,c regarding the working-relations with Supporting organizations like RSPs etc within the district or in our country.
    Now it is the result of awareness and efforts of both the RSPs and the leadership of the National,Provincial and Local Government,this has become possible to avail Khyber Pokhtunkhwa Development funds for the establishment of Micro Hydal Projects,in the best interest of the public and these are constructed through Certified Govt Contractors,under the supervision the AKRSP/PEDO.We all should be very grateful to our goverment.

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