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PPP councillors defy party decision, vote for JI

Report SN Peerzada
BOONI, Aug 30: Three councillors belonging to the PPP voted for the Jamaat-e-Islami candidate, Maghfirat Shah in the district nazim election against the party directions.
One PPP member also voted for the JUI in the Mastuj tehsil nazim election in Booni. The PPP Chitral leadership had directed its members to vote for Maulana Abdur Rehman of the JUI in the district nazim election and for PTI’s Sardar Hakim in the tehsil election in Booni.
Addressing a public meeting in Chitral town soon after the election, district naib nazim Maulana Abdul Shakoor termed his victory a referendum of the people of Chitral against the timber mafia.
Speaking on the occasion, new district nazim Maghfirat Shah thanked all the councillors belonging to the Ismaili community for supporting him. He also asked the JUI leadership to forgive the members who went against the party’s decision and opposed his candidature. Maghfirat Shah also said he would be working to eliminate the curse of ethnicity in Chitral and put the valley on the path of development and progress.

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  1. Obaidullah Shah says

    PPP wala na apna rawayat barqqrar rakha aur lotacracy mein aik grade taraqe kardi

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