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JUI Chitral chief suspended

CHITRAL, Aug 31: The provincial chief of JUI, Maulana Gul Nasib Khan, has suspended party’s district Chitral head Qari Abdur Rehman.
In a letter addressed to the returning officer Chitral, the JUI clearly said that Maulana Abdur Rehman was a party nominated candidate for the district nazim and all the councilors of JUI were bound to vote for him. The same letter says that the district chief of JUI has been suspended for five days.
Legal experts see this letter a sort of proof for de-seating the party members who have voted against the JUI candidate.Amir

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  1. Mohammad Ilyas Khwaja says

    There is no other mullah parallel to Qari Abdurrahman Sheikh in Chitral in religious knowledge and teaching ability He is offended for keeping his words in the alliance with Jamat e Islami. Moreover, the political based mullahs who give less importance to moral and religious values seem to develop personal jealousy with this Qari for his good name.

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