Flood-affected people seek help for rehabilitation

Report Alhaj Muhammad Khan

CHARUN, July 17: The exponentially high temperature for over a week in Chitral caused heavy and stormy rainfalls leading to flashfloods in streams ( gols) causing heavy destructions.

The heavy flood in Charun and Kuragh and some other streams abruptly contributed to the rise in the level of the Yarkhun river. The river crossed its high water marks causing destruction to the areas along its banks particularly in Charun, Kuragh, Kalak and some areas of Reshun. The floods in streams in Charun, Reshun and Kuragh caused heavy destructions to properties.
The water supply system in both Kuragh and Charun is completely cut off due to flash floods. Electricity supply is also cut-off in upper Chitral even reportedly flood in Reshun stream has caused some destruction.
The road traffic is also cut-off in Kalak near Gazlasht and the hanging bridge on Gazlasht has slid down in river waves . The metal road near Gazlasht bridge was eaten up by the waves of the river. The metal road in Kuragh Gol is also damaged.
The river waves of Yarkhun still eating the metal road near the Gazlasht bridge, while traffic from Chitral has shifted from Lone bridge via Lone area or Shogram hanging bridge via Shinjuran on the way to Kosht entering back into the metal road near Charun.
The heavy traffic of passengers mostly those coming from down country to celebrate Eid vacations were stranded.
Since the water supply in Charun and Kuragh is cut off, the firefighter of TMA Mastuj is providing drinking water to the people of Kuragh. The people of Kuragh reportedly taken pipes from Booni and have started working on self-help basis to rehabilitate the water supply system. The people of Charun are also waiting for pipes for taking them to the areas for rehabilitation near Charun bridge.
The people of Kuragh and Charun are in short of water and other basic requirements for Eid celebrations.
It is also pertinent to mention that the metal bridge of Charun, which was constructed by the Army Engineering Corps (750-CT) in 1980, has been facing the powerful waves of the river for the last one day.
The people in both Kuragh and Charun, have been repeatedly demanding the district, provincial government and some humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisations to help them in the rehabilitation of the water supply systems, roads and electricity supply system for the area on priority basis.

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  1. Dear All,
    Provincial Disaster Management Authority-PDMA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is in close coordination with Deputy Commissioner, Chitral even in Eid holidays. PDMA provided Rs.1.0 million to DC for the purchase of Food Items to be distributed amongst the rain affectees in District Chitral. Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak sb also directed provincial Government to assist the affectees on priority basis and announced emergency in the region to restore the all sort of life in its normal position. Chief Engineer C&W and Chief Engineer PHED directed by PDMA to reach Chitral in support of districtadministration for immediate restoration of roads, bridges and water supply schemes. PDMA is also in close coordination with 11 Corps.,17 DIV and NDMA for relief and rehabilitation activities.
    The affectees/masses of Chitral may contact Deputy Commissioner Control Room at 0943-412519 or PDMA KP Control Room at 091-9213959, 091-9213845 and 091-9223662 round the clock for help, assistance or relief goods.
    Latif Ur Rehman, Spokesperson, PDMA-KP

  2. Dear Muhammad Khan,
    Could it be possible for some one to interview a few elders of the area asking the questions:
    1.Kia 20-60 sal proshti di hamosh hon giti aoshonia?
    2.Kia 20-60 sal proshti di hamosh garmi kori oshoia?
    3.Kia 20-60 sal proshti di adrakhtu Sarroz, Buli,wa ghondoliko kan aoshonia?
    4.Kia 20-60 sal proshti di adrakhtu mal rochaw oshonia,wa malan andazan kia tadad baw oshoi?
    Their response to such questions will help social and other scientists to ascertain causes and affects of such calamities in general and area specific in particular.
    Thanks & regards,

  3. This is a very shocking news indeed. Provincial government work must be seen in this difficult time. Wishing you all the very best and eid Mubarak.

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